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What are proxy errors?

Have you ever occurred an error that is stopping you from completing your tasks? Sure, it can be frustrating. If your proxies are not managed properly in scraping – a lot of errors as unsuccessful requests can be the result but knowing the code meanings can help you out to deal with them in the future with no problems whatsoever. Every HTTP error has its own respective code that identifies the reason of your unsuccessful requests.

Error codes that you can potentially encounter:

  • 200 STATUS CODE – Meaning that it is all okay, request received by target.
  • 3XX ERROR CODE – Meaning that you were redirected due to multiple responses from your request. For example – error code 301 – page permanently moved to new address (redirected to new URL).
  • 4XX ERROR CODE – These are user-side errors experienced if the sent request is misunderstood or incorrect resulting in pages not loading. Now these are most common errors users are facing.
  • Error code 401 – You are not authorized to access the target in question therefore page will not be loaded. Commonly seen when trying to access some profiles in social medias especially if you are not signed in.
  • Error code 403 – access to site is forbidden – more specifically – the page does not give access to it. Sometimes site can provide you more details next to the code but also it can show only the error 403 without any further explanation.
  • Such cases can respond with well-known code error 404 “Not found”. This could be common when server does not even bother to give any further explanation of denying entry.
  • Error code 407 – Common if your credential inputs are incorrect, incorrect whitelisting of IP’s, missing authorization details. To solve this issue, make sure to update your proxy settings with all correct IP whitelisting and/or correct credential input.
  • If your site in reach has rate limit (connection limit), error code 429 can be very common as it means too many requests were sent from the same IP. This is a very common feature on most websites in order to protect the site from any possible attack or possible overload. To avoid this issue try rotating the IP more often or set the limit of possible requests sent per IP.


  • 5XX ERROR CODE – These types of errors are an internal server related errors that server itself is unable to specify. More commonly known as “Bad gateway” error is seen when server receives an invalid response from another server when using proxy. The possible reasons could be: No IP’s available for the current settings chosen, sent requests being detected as bots or proxies refusing the connection. The best suggestable solution is to try rotating the IP more or to change the proxy type you are using.


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