Static Residential Proxies

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Static Residential Proxies
Proxy-cheap Global content access

Global Content Access

Using static residential proxies, you can have unrestricted access to global content. A wide variety of legitimate IP addresses from throughout the world ensures a smooth browsing experience. You may easily and quickly search for any information.

Flawless Performance

Experience flawless performance with Proxy-Cheap's Static Residential Proxies. Our high-speed connectivity, reliable infrastructure, and CAPTCHA-free solution guarantee smooth browsing and data retrieval for your online activities.

Proxy-cheap Flawless Performance
Proxy-cheap Reach up to 99,9% Uptime

Reach up to 99,9% Uptime

Proxy-Cheap static proxies provide exceptional reliability. We can achieve 99.9%. Count on uninterrupted web browsing, data access, and seamless online interactions for your diverse needs.

Why Buy a Proxy-Cheap Static Residential Proxy

Unlock the benefits of Proxy-Cheap's static residential proxies:
Authentic IPs
Access IPs from renowned ISPs across multiple countries for a genuine online presence.
Seamlessly browse without the hassle of CAPTCHA challenges, enhancing your browsing experience.
Unyielding Security
Protect your traffic from IP blocking with real ISP IP addresses. They prevent possible disruptions in service.
Lightning-Fast Speeds
Enjoy a fast connection with speeds up to 100 Mbps. Similar static residential proxies provide fast data retrieval.
Seamless Accessibility
With the capability of 100 concurrent threads, experience high accessibility for online activities.
Trust in Reliability
Rely on our battle-tested infrastructure to route proxy traffic, delivering consistent and dependable performance.

What Our Customers Think

Their IP reputations are most of the time 100% clean, when I had problems they’ve...
November 29
I've just talked through live chat function. They are extremely supportive. They clear me...
May 05
Friends of mine (who are IT specialists) recommended me to this provider and explained...
Melina Trappaud,
November 12
Bought the wrong customer support package and they refunded me, which is just...
August 06
Pros:Low cost.High quality and clean proxies.Internet speed is good, but sometimes drops....
group Dima Vinogradov,
November 13
This is a really good proxy service, the interface is easy and it is cheap for what qualit...
May 11
They have a nice support that help for any problemI did multiple transaction and my...
May 03
The really stand up for their name: Proxy. Cheap. And not only cheap... in fact they are...
Martin Adams,
Nov 12
Great team, with great support and customer service. After changing my businesses solul...
Steve Moore,
January 16

Frequently asked questions

What are static residential proxies?
It's IPs with a fixed residential origin for secure online activities.
Why choose our static residential proxies?
We have reliable, diverse IPs for seamless browsing and data access.
Datacenter IPv4
Datacenter IPv6
Res-l Static
How do static residential proxies differ from dynamic ones?
Stable IPs vs. changing IPs for consistent online presence.
How can I integrate static residential proxies into my workflow?
Easily integrate for enhanced security and unrestricted content access.

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