Static Residential Proxies

Combined solution of datacenter and residential IPs
Used by 13K+ businesses & individuals
Most affordable prices in the industry

Global Content Access

Using static residential proxies, you can have unrestricted access to global content. A wide variety of legitimate IP addresses from throughout the world ensures a smooth browsing experience. You may easily and quickly search for any information.

Flawless Performance

Experience flawless performance with Proxy-Cheap's Static Residential Proxies. Our high-speed connectivity and reliable infrastructure guarantee smooth browsing and data retrieval for your online activities.

Reach up to 99,9% Uptime

Proxy-Cheap static proxies provide exceptional reliability. We can achieve 99.9%. Count on uninterrupted web browsing, data access, and seamless online interactions for your diverse needs.

Why Buy a Proxy-Cheap Static Residential Proxy

Unlock the benefits of Proxy-Cheap's static residential proxies.
Authentic IPs

Access IPs from renowned ISPs across multiple countries for a genuine online presence.

Streamlined Browsing

Experience a smoother and more efficient browsing experience, enhancing your online activities without unnecessary interruptions.

Unyielding Security

Protect your traffic from IP blocking with real ISP IP addresses. They prevent possible disruptions in service.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Enjoy a fast connection with speeds up to 100 Mbps. Similar static residential proxies provide fast data retrieval.

Seamless Accessibility

With the capability of 100 concurrent threads, experience high accessibility for online activities.

Trust in Reliability

Rely on our battle-tested infrastructure to route proxy traffic, delivering consistent and dependable performance.

Top Proxy Locations

Proxy-Cheap boasts the most extensive network of proxy locations compared to its competitors. This translates to greater flexibility and accessibility for users seeking to access content globally or conduct online activities in specific locations.
Can’t find a desired location? Request one and we might add it.
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