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The competition in retail, e-commerce, and sales drives businesses to hunt for the tiniest of advantages. Proxy use in e-commerce and sales operations can create one such advantage. A proxy for e-commerce and sales expands the geographical boundaries of the market, customers, and available products. Read on to learn why Proxy Cheap is one of the best such proxies on the market.

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How it Helps E-commerce Stores?

Price Monitoring

E-commerce condenses the marketplace, and businesses need all the advantages they can get over rivals. Pricing strategy is one area they can secure an advantage. Proxies allow them to monitor prices from all regions to stay competitive.

Ad Verification

Ads are an effective way to generate attention and traffic in a crowded retail industry. Proxies help businesses monitor their ads in several regions to ascertain that their content and placement are as they should be.

Global Access

Proxies allow e-commerce businesses and stores to access geo-based data. As such, they can easily access competitor sites to scrape data and content and public data sources to inform their market research.

Expanding Reach

Drop-shippers who scour the world for profitable products enjoy this advantage. Proxies help them connect with platforms and potential suppliers worldwide as they bid to find the product their customers desire.

Scraping and Data Collection

Just as proxies can help e-commerce businesses access competitor and public data, they also help them collect said data. Users can use a proxy to facilitate automated web scraping for faster data collection without risking detection and IP bans.

Localized Marketing

E-commerce businesses looking to leverage the global marketplace need to appeal to customers region by region. Proxies allow them to tap into regional social media feeds and localized data to inform localized marketing strategies.

Better Website Performance

E-commerce stores can employ proxies to ease their network congestion issues. Proxies cache frequently access webpages, thus reducing the load times and server bandwidth required for users to load said pages. Additionally, they can help distribute the incoming traffic across different servers to improve performance and speed.

Multiple Account Management

E-commerce proxies allow stores to create multiple accounts and associate them with different IP addresses. This allows them to separate certain activities or aspects of their business from one another.

Localized Marketing

E-commerce businesses looking to leverage the global marketplace need to appeal to customers region by region. Proxies allow them to tap into regional social media feeds and localized data to inform localized marketing strategies.

E-commerce & Sales Proxy Features

Discover essential tools for businesses in the digital realm, providing tailored functionalities to enhance sales strategies and online commerce. These features facilitate account management, market research, and competitive intelligence while ensuring anonymity and security, empowering businesses to thrive in the online marketplace.

IP Rotation

IP rotation refers to a proxy's ability to automatically change the IP address associated with your connection at predetermined intervals. This feature improves anonymity and facilitates data scraping when e-commerce analysts need to collect location-based data.


Regardless of the size of the e-commerce store, security is needed to protect customers' financial details. As such, any proxy employed should support secure protocols, have encryptions, and have IP address whitelisting to control access to the proxy server, etc.


Performance here refers to both speed and reliability. The proxy server must be reliable enough that it doesn’t suffer network interruptions. Such interruptions could prove costly. A proxy for e-commerce stores should also be fast to facilitate real-time price monitoring and quicker data scraping, among other things.

Geo-Location Diversity

The global nature of many e-commerce businesses means they have to conduct market and competitor research for several regions. As such, the more geographic coverage the proxy server provides, the more beneficial it is to the business.


If you are running a growing e-commerce store, you require a proxy that has the capability to match your growing needs. As such, an e-commerce proxy should have sufficient bandwidth to handle high online traffic and web requests.

Strong Customer Support

Running a business is not easy. As such, analysts and e-commerce store owners in need of a proxy may lack the patience to wait on customer support for help. An e-commerce store proxy server must have responsive and helpful customer support to guide clients through technical issues.

Suitable for light-to-moderate usage, providing 100GB of bandwidth and 100 IPs for basic tasks.


Ideal for medium-to-heavy usage, offering unlimited bandwidth and 1000 IPs for more demanding tasks.


Designed for heavy-duty usage, it provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited IPs for unrestricted access and maximum performance.

The Best Proxy Services

The best-performing proxy infrastructure in the industry with the largest ISP coverage

Included with Every Plan

High-Speed Connections

Our high-speed proxies will improve your data scraping speed, reduce loading times, and facilitate real-time price monitoring.

Advanced Security Proxies

All our proxies are equipped to support secure protocols like HTTPS and SOCKS5. We also employ user authentication measures and IP whitelisting to improve security.

Transparent Proxy Management

Our proxy management is as transparent as you’d want any e-commerce dealing to be. Our dashboard access exemplifies this commitment.

Why Buy E-commerce Proxy from Proxy-Cheap?

Extensive Geographical Coverage

We provide access to millions of IP addresses in over 100 locations. As such, our customers can access relevant e-commerce data and content from almost any country.

Reliable Support of Data Scraping

The elite anonymity of our residential and mobile e-commerce proxies makes them the ideal foil to keep your data scraping activities safe from detection.

Impressive Scalability

Our e-commerce proxies have a robust infrastructure to support up to 100 concurrent tasks without a drop in performance.

Praiseworthy Customer Support

Our reviews show that customer support is our forte, making us the ideal proxy partner for businesses looking for reliable service and support.

Efficient Proxy Management

We have a user-friendly dashboard to help customers top up their accounts, view their proxies, access APIs, access help, etc.

Easy-to-Set-Up Proxies

Our setup isn’t complicated. We onboard clients with regard to their experience with proxies and have a proxy manager extension on Chrome to make things even easier.

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