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What is MoreLogin browser?

Here at Proxy-Cheap we are glad to introduce yet another browser that works with our proxies well, it’s called MoreLogin antidetect browser – Antidetect browser that protects your Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, and all other platforms to stop account banning. Browser is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to connect to MoreLogin browser with Proxy-Cheap proxies?

Here are simple steps on how to use the browser:

  1.  Download the MoreLogin browser from here – and proceed with installation.
  2.  Create new account or log in with your existing one.
  3. After successful log in press New Profile in top-left corner of side menu.
  4.  Press on “Advanced create” at the top options bar. Now you can choose the peripherals such as OS and browser you wish to be spoofed as.
  5.  In proxy settings (right under basic information) select Proxy type HTTP or SOCKS5 accordingly to proxy you have.
  6. Copy your proxy credentials from Proxy-Cheap. To do it – press on your desired active proxy in the proxy overview and simply copy your credentials using the copy button. Please note to use the credentials you are assigned. The information in this post is just for tutorial purposes.
  7.  Paste your credentials into the browser settings after selecting protocol. After inserting credentials press “Proxy detection” button at the bottom and if your connection is successful you will see sign of success.
  8. Press OK at the bottom to save settings. You will be redirected to main menu of the browser.
  9. You will now see proxy profile created. Press start and browser window will open. 
  10. You are now connected to the internet with the proxy! You will be greeted with the information about proxy and other details about the browser and the settings that you have chosen. Happy browsing!

Augustas Frost

Support Manager

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