AdsPower Proxy Integration with Proxy-Cheap

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What is AdsPower?

AdsPower is a browser automation tool that prevents users from unauthorized fingerprinting. AdsPower lets users set differentiated fingerprints for multiple browser profiles. In this way, multi-account management on one device can be achieved.

Setting up AdsPower

AdsPower lets you have the best browsing experience by letting you surf the internet privately and get access to region-specific content or scrape for information with the help of our proxies.

    • 1. Download and install AdsPower by clicking here
    • 2. Open the software and click on Upload/Single Import.


And it should pop a window like this:

    • 3.If you are using our dynamic residential proxies you will need to set up your generator first and if you are having problems, you can watch a tutorial here after that you will need to choose these options:
      Proxy type – HTTP
      Proxy host –
      Proxy port – 31112

      If by any chances you are using our static residential proxies, you will have an option to select HTTP/socks5 and for it you will have to input port 41112 for HTTP and 51112 for socks5 connections.Enter your login credentials: proxy username under Proxy User, and your password under Password. Residential proxy credentials can be different if using different plan. By changing country your password will change to, same applies to session type:Random IP has an IP rotation on every request/refresh, session lets you have static IP for at least 30 minutes.
      It should look like this:

      Once you are done typing down the credentials click on ‘’Check Proxy’’ and if connection test passed click OK button.

Now you can just click on the button ‘’Open’’ and start your work easy as that.

After opening you should see a page like this:


Sales & Marketing Director

Sales & Marketing Director