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TikTok is a social media platform specializing in short-form video content. The app allows users to create, share, and discover minute-long video content.  There are a few restrictions on the type of content allowed. Therefore, TikTok has gained a reputation for helping businesses, brands, and individuals go viral.

Our Proxy-Cheap TikTok proxies allow users to enjoy the platform’s fast entertainment even in restricted regions. Furthermore, you get to do so in anonymity and privacy.

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Know more about TikTok Proxies

Our TikTok proxies have much to offer influences, marketers, and casual users on the platform. So, read on to learn about TikTok proxies and check out our prices to obtain optimal value.
Content Localization

There are a few lingering debates about whether locations affect feed. The platform seemingly has options to disable the effect of location on user feed. However, if you want to test the effect or experience feed for your preferences in a different region, Proxy-Cheap mobile proxies for TikTok are the tools you need.

Improved Security

Masking IPs protects your requests from platform surveillance and tracking. Our HTTPS proxies can also encrypt your data and provide relative security during transmissions.

Account Management

With our top-shelf residential proxies, users can create multiple accounts for numerous reasons. Our proxies allow them to connect from different IPs, thus helping both accounts seem disconnected. Such a tactic helps evade tracking, data collection, and the creation of accurate user profiles.


Thanks to its masking of IP addresses, TikTok proxies grant users greater privacy from the platform's tracking.


TikTok proxies can help bypass geo-restrictions and censorship regulations on TikTok access.

Avoiding Bans

Our proxies allow users to connect irrespective of whether their IPs are restricted. They can connect through new IPs and keep reaping the platform's benefits.

What is a TikTok Proxy?

A TikTok proxy server acts as an intermediary or bridge between a user’s device and the TikTok server. When used, these servers mask users' IP addresses, allowing them to hide their identities and locations.

Does TikTok block VPN?

TikTok is a Chinese-originated company in the social media business. Of course, they block VPNs. The techniques used to identify and block VPNs align with their best interests as a social media platform.

Once identified, they may then block or blacklist associated IP addresses. Such scenarios necessitate the use of reputable proxy servers. ProxyCheap considers this need.

Buy ProxyCheap, and you will not have to worry about whether TikTok blocks VPNs.

Popular Use Cases

There are five different types of TikTok proxies on offer from Proxy-Cheap.
Bypassing Censorship

Regardless of the reason provided in the media, censorship is a political tool. More often than not, it’s employed with political reasoning in mind. Therefore, people want to stick it to the governments trying to censor them. If TikTok is censored in your country, our proxies can help you regain your freedom of expression.

Social Listening

Social listening is the process of monitoring sentiments and discussions about trending topics. ProxyCheap TikTok proxies can allow you to conduct social listening from various regions. Thus, it enriches the conclusions you can reach.

Content Moderation

Brands understand that particular types of content might strike different demographics and regions differently. As such, they strive to moderate content to please and displease, respectively, as many and as few as possible. ProxyCheap proxies can help brands and clients monitor sentiments from multiple regions and perspectives to drive their moderation efforts.

Trend Analysis

TikTok is a social media platform where everyone seems to be following the latest trends or striving for virality. Our proxies allow dedicated creators to aggregate data from multiple sources, monitor cross-regional popularity, and analyze trends in depth.

Marketing and Networking

Strategic, intelligent posting with our proxies can maximize the reach of your content. Thus, it expands the proceeds of your marketing. Similarly, connecting from certain IPs could increase a creator’s chances of networking with and securing partnerships with creators from other regions.

A/B Testing

A/B testing simply compares different strategies or content to assess them. Proxies can enhance A/B testing of content by allowing segmentation of followers and viewers by location. As a result, you can get a detailed analysis of performance.

Types of Proxies

There are different ways of classifying proxies. Proxy-Cheap offers four proxy types based on IP addresses' sources, types, and dynamism.

Proxies for Social Media Networks

Here at Proxy Cheap, we have dedicated proxies for all popular social media networks, including:

Customer Reviews

Our customers have a lot to say about our TikTok proxies' reliability, speed, performance, and support.

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