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Reddit is an amalgamation of a discussion, news aggregation, content sharing, and content rating platform. It’s many things to many people, and the diversity of the platform makes it popular.

For instance, businesses may consider it a source of consumer sentiments and pain points. It could also provide insight into competitor products. On the other hand, freelancers and learners can benefit from shared content and help on the platform.

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Know More About Reddit Proxies

Read on to learn about Reddit proxies and why you should let us at Proxy-Cheap be your plug.
Bypassing Restrictions

Our Reddit proxies reroute your requests to Reddit servers through locations of your choice. So you can connect from restricted locations or censored regions.


Our proxies help hide your IP addresses, allowing you to connect and avoid trackers.


Our HTTPS Reddit proxies switch URLs to HTTPS where possible. This conveys encryption and adds security to your Reddit traffic and requests.

What Are Proxies for Reddit?

Instagram proxies function as a bridge between a user’s device and the destination Instagram server. When using the proxy, the user's request transmits to the proxy server in another location. As a result, the request receives a new IP address before it travels onto the Instagram server.

Thus, the Instagram server identifies the traffic as originating from a location other than its source. In essence, users of such a proxy mask their IP and achieve a certain level of anonymity.

How to Use Reddit Proxies?

You can follow the prompts from our Reddit proxy purchase page. We designed the onboarding process to cater to beginners and expert proxy users.

Alternatively, prospective users of our Reddit proxies can use our Proxy Manager extension. It’s available on the Chrome browser and simplifies the configuration process.

Popular Use Cases

There are many reasons you should be using our Reddit Proxies.
Unblocking Reddit

This is arguably the most popular reason for purchasing Reddit proxies. If Reddit is blocked in your region, organization network, or IP address, our residential and datacenter Reddit proxies can help unblock it.

Data Scraping

Reddit proxies allow users to run bots for automated upvoting and downvoting without the risk of falling afoul of anti-spam measures.

Educational Purposes

Reddit is a popular source of learning material and advice, making it a potential solution source. Ironically, organizations sometimes block Reddit access, considering its potential effect on the problem. Our proxies bypass these blocks and help users access Reddit’s treasure of helpful solutions.

Market Research

Market research and competitor analysis. Businesses use proxies to gather and collect social media data on trends, discussions, preferences and sentiments. This data, in turn, provides insights into competitors and the market in general.

Ad Verification

Marketers can use Facebook proxies to verify the placement and performance of Facebook ads or sponsored content by using proxies to view ads from different IP addresses and geographic locations.

Avoiding IP Bans

Businesses employ Facebook proxies to monitor their brand image and presence in several relevant regions. They also use the tool to monitor brand penetration among certain demographics for the sake of segmentation efforts.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of proxies can fit into budgets of all sizes. Here is a summary of our proxies and the prices you should expect.

Proxies for Social Media Networks

Here at Proxy Cheap, we have dedicated proxies for all popular social media networks, including:

Customer Reviews

Our customers have much to say about our Reddit proxies' reliability, speed, performance, and support.

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