Using cURL with a Proxy

Using cURL with a Proxy

Most macOS and Windows devices already come with preinstalled cURL libraries (libcurl), but most users are unaware of how to make a proper use out of them and how to cURL with a proxy.  In reality, curling with a proxy is way easier than it may seem at the first sight. All it actually takes […]

what is cURL

What is cURL?

cURL can be called a command line tool. It allows you to transfer data from/to server by using URL syntax commands. The name stands for abbreviation of client URL. The cURL library allows you to use plenty of protocols, including HTTP(S), FTP(S), POP3(S) as well as SMTP(S). cURL supports proxies, FTP uploads, SSL connections and […]

How Proxy Cheap Residential Proxies Can Help Your Business

Help your business with Residential Proxies

Overtime globalization has led to an enormous increase in competition, which allowed and somewhere even forced the businesses to grow at much faster rate. Because of such an expansion in global reach, the challenges of privacy, security and high-level marketing have become more prominent than ever before. Businesses continuously struggle with blocks, blacklists and various […]

Solving captchas with capmonster

CapMonster – What is Captcha & How to bypass

Captcha – The differentiator between Humans and Computers. A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots and different types of automated tools by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but modern computer programs cannot.  The term CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) was created in […]

How to prevent IP leak

How to prevent an IP leak

Proxies allow us to secure information so that the information sent over the internet can be masked and therefore hide our presence, geolocation, and data from unwanted eyes, of course mainly for privacy and security reasons. However there are various approaches to the same solution, yet at times are a little bit more specific depending […]

Proxy Cheap Dashboard

How to use Proxy-Cheap Dashboard

Accessing and registering. Immediately after registering, and verifying your email you will access the dashboard, where within the billing section you will be able to “Top Up” a selected amount. Clicking the “Top Up” button brings us into the window of selection. Here you can select your payment option and amount that you would […]

SSL and HTTPS proxy explained

Benefits of an SSL Proxy. What & How?

Most likely you already know a thing or two about proxies, perhaps even the difference between mobile, residential and data center proxies. But what does an SSL proxy mean? What kind of animal in the wild is this? What makes it so special or perhaps different from other types of proxies? Let’s dive into info-ocean […]

What is browser fingerprinting

What is Browser Fingerprint?

What is Browser Fingerprinting? Privacy in the online setting has been an issue for quite some time now. The question of “how to stay anonymous” while protecting your data remains valid. How do we actually make it private? Even though most of us have a general understanding of VPNs and proxy networks, making our lives […]

Proxies for search engine rankings

How are Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies useful for SEO?

Using Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies for monitoring SEO and gaining competitive advantage  Whenever we speak of web browsing, it has become a common practice to look only at the first page of a search engine. Not so often people dive deeper into the oceans of web results where succeeding pages are leveling up their game in […]

VPN vs. Proxy

VPN vs. Proxy

VPN is mostly oriented to single users and individuals that are not only looking to mask their IPs but are willing to give it an extra layer of protection by encrypting it. Where proxies are mostly used to hide user’s IP address, most commonly used by individuals and organizations for web-scraping purposes.  With globalization striking […]

How to prevent Browser fingerprinting - multilogin

How to prevent Browser fingerprinting

With the recent growth in tracking among web users, everyone has become even more concerned about their privacy. However, it’s been getting harder to take proper care of your privacy since just as safety measures evolve, so do the new ways of obtaining your data. The most recent & detailed one is browser fingerprinting. The […]

Phantom Buster Proxy

Dive into a different level of social media automation with Phantombuster!

The bell starts to slowly ring when we hear Social Media Automation, yet what the heck is Phantombuster? Allow us to introduce the Phantombuster – Tool which is absolutely epic for a range of Social Media Automation use cases which we will discuss more in-depth.  What are the actual highlighted benefits and features of Phantombuster? […]