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Web scraping is famous for extracting content and data from a website. Still, it is a nuisance when most customers have an attraction to them. A well-known site restricts getting their information from certain IP addresses. That’s why developers sometimes order to remove sites properly by utilizing the best proxy for web scraping.

You should know one thing about the best proxies for cleaning web pages. Each website has its scraping protection system and unique spam protection. These types of proxies work on your target website to extract data properly. Indeed, choosing the right proxies is a challenging task. The proxies we choose should provide speed, reliability, and price. 

Many proxy providers are in the market, and it is very difficult to say which is the best. So, in today’s article, we will see some of the best proxies for web scraping.


Benefits of Using Proxies for Web Scraping

The use of parser programs to scan sites and collect targeted data is usually limited by:

  • anti-bot;
  • anti-fraud defenses. 

Access gets blocked when users send thousands of requests per minute from an IP address. So, static residential proxies are not the best proxy services for scraping. Unlike mobile or resident proxies, server proxies are not tied to the capabilities of:

  • the ISP;
  • mobile network operator. 

Thus, they are not subject to speed fluctuations and downtime. This indicates their stability. Using a proxy server, users can hide their IP address. They access content that would otherwise be unavailable.

Read further to learn more about the benefits of proxy services.

Load balancing

They act as intermediaries between clients and target servers. They take over some requests and redirect them to different servers. It helps to distribute the load more evenly. Also, it reduces the probability of server overload.

Security and anonymity

The use of proxy servers helps to increase the level of security and anonymity of users. They hide users’ real IP addresses, making identifying and tracking them harder. This is especially useful when using public Wi-Fi networks. There is a risk that attackers can intercept the data.

Content management and traffic filtering

Proxy servers are also used by organizations to manage content and filter traffic. They can block access to specific sites or categories of sites. Cheap proxies for scraping  help increase employee productivity and improve the security of information systems.

Performance Improvement

Using proxy servers can significantly improve network performance through:

  • traffic compression;
  • bandwidth optimization;
  • load balancing. 

This is especially true for enterprises that must provide:

  • high-speed;
  • stable network performance to multiple employees.

Best proxy service for scraping

Best Proxy Service for Scraping

Data is the new oil. Web scraping is one of the key actions to using data for:

  • business intelligence;
  • competitor analysis;
  • digital marketing. 

Targeted companies are adding layers of security to shield data. They take it from common or repetitive requests. It happens due to:

  • growing problems with DDOS attacks;
  • other malicious cyber activities. 

This creates a huge challenge for data companies to extract useful customer-centric data.

With traditional parsing methods, the best proxy service for scraping either:

  • face IP address bans;
  • receive misleading information. 

This is where proxy servers bring a competitive advantage to your business.

Every request is usually made using a different IP address when you are on a proxy network. This way, no particular IP address attracts the attention of the target sites. It makes each request immune to bans.

So go ahead and see for yourself which proxy server can lead your business to online freedom.


You may need a proxy that offers Bright Data’s services. At the same time, they need a smaller budget to include in their pool (which is $500). Then Smartproxy is one of the best proxy service for scraping.

Just like Bright Data, Smartproxy’s pricing also affects your bandwidth. But, it has powerful rotating proxies. They constantly replace every IP address in every request. This is what you need for perfect web scripting. 

Talking about the pool size, it has more than 10 million IP pool sizes. They have an authorized initial bandwidth of 5GB. It also offers parsing of complex websites in more than 195 locations worldwide. Smartproxy supports username and password authentication and IP address authentication. It is necessary to authenticate and provide geo-targeting worldwide (in most cities/counties).


Nowadays, all web applications are subjected to website cleanup by developers. Their owner is becoming so smart that the best proxy for web scraping  can:

  • detect the behavior of bots;
  • block and prevent them from accessing their websites.

Also, sometimes, you must put your bot to sleep to avoid this blocking system. 

But this is not the case with Scrapinghub’s Crawlera. If we are only talking about web parsing, Crawlera is one of the most famous proxy APIs used for web parsing. To avoid detection and prevent bans, it has its proxy pool. It doesn’t have a captcha solver, though. 

The best thing about Crawlera is that its price is based only on successful requests. So, if your requests are rejected multiple times, there is no charge for this.


This best proxy for web scraping  provides proxies for data centers instead of:

  • Bright Data;
  • Proxyrack;
  • Intelligent Proxies. 

Still, it is one of the most diversified proxy providers on the market. Especially if we check the usage scenarios for which their proxies are used. 

If we’re talking about IP address rotation, Stormproxy offers two types of rotation: 

  • session-based;
  • time-based.

As it is most important for web parsing proxies. 

It hosts over 70,000 IP addresses in their data center proxy tool, and its pricing is based on threads.

Cheap Proxies for Web Scraping

Web scraping is a powerful tool for collecting valuable data, whether it’s for:

  • research;
  • business insights;
  • personal projects. 

But, the cost of proxies can sometimes be a barrier to accessing the data you need. That’s where affordable proxy services like Proxy-Cheap come into play. As they offer budget-friendly solutions for web scraping.

Why do we consider cheap proxies for scraping:

  • Cost-Effective Data Access. You can enjoy the benefits of web scraping without breaking the bank.
  • IP Diversity. This diversity is essential for accessing data worldwide.
  • Speed and Efficiency. Even budget-friendly proxies can offer high-speed connections. They ensure you can scrape data efficiently and without frustrating delays.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth. Many cheap proxy services provide unlimited bandwidth. It means that you won’t have to worry about exceeding usage limits or facing extra charges.

Examples of cheap proxies for scraping are:

  • Proxy-Cheap. Proxy-Cheap is a notable example. It offers competitively priced proxy solutions with a global network of IPs. The budget-friendly plans cater to both beginners and experienced scrapers. You can also get IPv6 and IPv4 proxies.
  • ScraperAPI. ScraperAPI offers budget-friendly plans for web scraping. It includes access to a large proxy pool.

Cheap Proxies for Web Scraping

Free Proxies for Web Scraping: Pros and Cons

Web scraping has become an invaluable tool for gathering data from websites. And proxies play a crucial role in this process. While free proxies are available, they come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the pros and cons of using free proxies for web scraping.

Pros of using this feature are:

  • Cost Savings: The most apparent advantage is that free proxies don’t require any financial investment, making them an attractive option for those on a tight budget.
  • Easy Access: Free proxies for web scraping lists are widely available online, making it relatively simple to find.
  • Anonymity: They can help mask your IP address, adding a layer of anonymity to your web scraping activities.

There are still more cons of free proxies, so let’s consider them separately.

Cons of Free Proxies for Web Scraping

The cons are as following:

  • Unreliable Performance: They often need faster speeds and frequent downtimes. This can significantly hinder your web scraping efficiency. Especially when you deal with large datasets.
  • Security Risks: Free proxies may not be as secure as paid alternatives. There is a risk that your data and activities could be intercepted or compromised when using free proxies.
  • No Support: They typically lack customer support. If you encounter issues or require assistance, you may need more resources to rely on.
  • Inconsistent Geolocation: Free proxies often provide limited options in terms of geolocation. This can be problematic if your web scraping tasks require data from specific regions.
  • Legal Concerns: Some services may operate in a legal gray area, potentially exposing users to legal consequences or website terms of service violations.


Choosing the best proxy for web scraping is paramount in the quest for optimal web scraping results. The unsung hero ensures reliability, security, and efficiency, making it indispensable for successful data harvesting. So, do not hesitate to turn to Proxy-Cheap for the best services.


Are free proxies a reliable choice for web scraping?

Free proxies are often unreliable for web scraping due to slow speeds, frequent downtimes, and limited availability.

Can I use the same proxy for multiple scraping tasks?

You can use the same proxy for multiple scraping tasks. However, it’s essential to manage the workload and not overload the proxy, which could result in IP blocks or bans.

Are proxy services legal to use for web scraping?

The legality of using proxy services for web scraping depends on various factors, including the website’s terms of service and the purpose of scraping.

How can I ensure my scraped data quality when using proxies?

To ensure data quality, choose reliable and reputable proxy services. You can also monitor scraping activities for errors.

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