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GoMovies is a streaming platform that provides visitors with access to movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, they might step on some toes in their mission to bring entertainment to user’s devices. The consequence is they may be blocked in some countries and regions, thus making them inaccessible to potential viewers in the affected places. One way of regaining access is to use Proxy Cheap GoMovies proxies.

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Reasons to get blocked!

Copyright Infringement

GoMovies may host content without authorization from copyright holders, thus, violating intellectual property laws and potentially inviting legal action and blocking the platform.

Legal Action

Legal action from governments or cases with copyright holders can necessitate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to the website on their network.

Geographical Restrictions

Content licensing agreements may impose geographical restrictions on the distribution of movies and TV shows. As a result, GoMovies can be blocked in certain regions for failing to adhere to these restrictions.

Benefits of Using a Gomovies Proxy

There are many benefits of using a Gomovies Proxy.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

Thanks to our pool of proxies and IP addresses, users can bypass any geo-restrictions preventing their access to GoMovies. We have more than 10 million active IP addresses from over 125 locations. This means that, even in the event of changing legal stances against GoMovies in countries and states, there are more than enough IP addresses to switch to within our pool.

Fast Streaming and Downloading

Our proxies are backed by robust infrastructure and technical know-how to ensure that they are reliable and free from avoidable interruptions. In addition, we sourced for them with special consideration for speed. As a result, you can rest assured that our proxies will support your web surfing, downloading, and other tasks at elite speeds and with reduced latency and downtimes.


The rerouting of traffic intended for GoMovies servers through our proxies effectively changes the IP addresses of our users and renders their activity on the platform anonymous. The anonymity makes it more difficult for trackers and the website to monitor your online activity or collect accurate data for targeted ads.

Suitable for light-to-moderate usage, providing 100GB of bandwidth and 100 IPs for basic tasks.


Ideal for medium-to-heavy usage, offering unlimited bandwidth and 1000 IPs for more demanding tasks.


Designed for heavy-duty usage, it provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited IPs for unrestricted access and maximum performance.

Different Types of Proxies for Gomovies

Here are the types of GoMovies proxies we provide, along with their prices:

Why Buy Gomovies Proxy from Proxy Cheap?

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service staff are available all year round to provide solutions and answers when our customers need them.

User-friendly Interface

In addition to the technical assistance offered by our customer support, we have also implemented an easy-to-use interface to help all our clients purchase, monitor, and manage proxies. The icing of this interface is our Proxy dashboard access.

Cost-Effective Proxy Solutions

Our GoMovies proxies are some of the best on the market, lacking any negative history, and are constantly updated to ensure regions are actively supported. Best of all, though, is the affordability and flexibility of our pricing: we have plans ranging from daily trials to annual plans.

Vast Proxy Pool

Just in case you travel a lot or the tide of the local laws turns against GoMovies in some places, we have a large proxy pool, containing 10+ million IP addresses from more than 125 countries.

Worldwide Coverage

In terms of reach, Proxy Cheap has addresses originating from over 125 countries. Simply put, we can guarantee our users coverage and access to content, resources, and websites from more than half the world and counting.

High Anonymity

Our proxies offer elite anonymity, so users don’t need to expose their identities while enjoying GoMovies offerings.

Customer Reviews

Our customers rate our customer support approach very highly, alongside the reliability of our proxies.

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