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DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular search engines in the world and it appeals to its users because of its focus on privacy. This is good for secure browsing and avoidance of targeted ads. That said, it makes it much harder for SEO professionals and marketers to scrape the search engine for data. We explore why Proxy Cheap is the best DuckDuckGo proxy to help you obtain this difficult-to-scrape- treasure of data.

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Popular Use Cases

Anonymous Browsing

A DuckDuckGo proxy helps users change their IP address when needed thus granting them anonymity as they browse or conduct online activity.

Enhanced Security

DuckDuckGo is lauded for its security and commitment to not collecting personal data. However, users can add an extra layer of security using proxies, just to be sure.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions

Though DuckDuckGo does not factor location into the search engine result pages (SERPs) it presents users, it doesn’t have an effect on accessible websites.

Circumventing Censorships

A DuckDuckGo proxy will retain the ability of a proxy to spoof locations and IP addresses, thus helping users escape online censorship.

Avoiding Tracking

In this regard, the effect of a DuckDuckGo proxy simply potentiates the effects of the search engine. The search engine already prevents the collection of personal information and tracking of searches. Using a proxy, simply doubles down, ensuring added security.

Data Scraping

Search engines are a source of necessary SEO data. Unfortunately, DuckDuckGo doesn’t tolerate bot activity, and automated scraping is one such activity. As such, a DuckDuckGo proxy facilitates web scraping for professionals who need it.


No-logs Policy

We believe in the privacy of personal information and implement a no-logs policy to that effect. In other words, we don’t track your activity on our proxies.

Large Pool of IP addresses

If you want to succeed at data scraping on DuckDuckGo, you need to beat their anti-scraping bots. Those bots are the reason for their effective privacy, and one of the ways to beat them is via the use of a large pool of rotating residential DuckDuckGo proxies. Proxy Cheap has such proxies at an affordable price despite its effectiveness.


Of what use is all the IP addresses in the world if your connection is too slow for efficient scraping? Proxy Cheap DuckDuckGo proxies aren’t slow. They will supercharge your scraping of the search engine like you want them to. In and out in no time, with all the data that you need in a safe local folder.

User-friendly Interface

Proxies already take some getting used to for beginner users. This is especially true of the configuration processes. At Proxy Cheap, we factor that into our product and service designs, and we provide an experience-based onboarding process for prospective users.


If you are a professional, you might have many devices from which you like to conduct business. As such, it is necessary that whatever tools you use be compatible with the operating system of your devices. The same goes for your proxies. Proxy Cheap DuckDuckGo proxies are compatible with Windows, iOS, MacOS, etc., and with desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Suitable for light-to-moderate usage, providing 100GB of bandwidth and 100 IPs for basic tasks.


Ideal for medium-to-heavy usage, offering unlimited bandwidth and 1000 IPs for more demanding tasks.


Designed for heavy-duty usage, it provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited IPs for unrestricted access and maximum performance.


There are broadly three types of DuckDuckGo proxies on offer at Proxy Cheap.

Why Buy Duckduckgo Proxy from Proxy Cheap?

Speed and reliability of performance

We use the best ethically-sourced proxies we can find, and combine them with a robust proxy infrastructure. The result is a DuckDuckGo proxy without negative history, and with the speed and limited downtimes to make your scraping a success.

Global Coverage

Just in case, you come across a restricted website during your scraping, our DuckDuckGo proxies offer global coverage, spanning 125+ countries.

Top-class customer support

Our customer support team is the rock behind our effective product, offering technical assistance to those who need it all day round, all year long.

Other Use Cases

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We don’t mean to come across as braggarts, but our customers love us.

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