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YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world. Independent creators and established media enterprises flock there to make money off their videos. On the flip side, viewers are plentiful because of easy accessibility and the quality of entertainment on offer.

However, YouTube is not always so accessible to viewers. For starters, the platform has rules guiding content that is postable. However, beyond those, there are also reasons why the platform or specific content may remain blocked to users. This article looks at why YouTube videos may be blocked and unblockers that can help users gain access.

Why YouTube Videos Get Blocked

YouTube reserves the right to block and remove videos that violate their terms. However, those aren’t the types of blocks we are talking about. There are other reasons why YouTube videos might be inaccessible to viewers. Here are some of them:

  1. Licensing and broadcasting agreements. Broadcasting and licensing rights are a part of media distribution that allows a creator or company to sell the rights to provide their content. As a result, they can sell these rights to multiple entities in various regions. Once sold in a region, exclusivity might prevent others from distributing the same content in the region. In the context of YouTube, this would mean that some uploaded content may be unavailable to viewers because other entities control the broadcasting rights in your region.
  2. Government Restrictions. Sometimes the region-specifics might have nothing to do with copyright or licensing. It might just be simple censorship. Some governments restrict YouTube as a platform in their regions and countries. Meaning that no content in it would be illegal. Others may only block selected content on the platform. Examples of countries that block YouTube completely are China, North Korea, Iran, etc. South Korea is an example of a country that partially blocks content on the platform.
  3. Organization-Controlled Network Blocks. Blocking of viewable is not a domain of governments alone. Some organizations, most notably schools and businesses, may block access to certain content while employees are at work. YouTube is one such platform. The reasons given by the organizations vary. Schools point to the need to protect students from inappropriate content while using their care. Businesses indicate a need for productivity as justification for banning YouTube and other platforms access through their network.
  4. Age Restriction. Another reason you might be finding it impossible to view certain YouTube content is age. YouTube restricts underage viewers to avoid them viewing content considered inappropriate for viewers under 18.
  5. Creator-controlled Blocks. YouTube allows content creators on its platform to customize region-specifics. As such, a content creator can theoretically restrict viewers from a certain region from viewing their videos. From the perspective of a creator, this means a limited pool of potential viewers. So, in most cases, they only employ the measure to avoid infringing on copyrights and licensing rights in a region.

Steps to Unblock YouTube with Proxy

Just as proxies are an effective tool for managing social media, they are an effective way of unblocking YouTube. Here are steps to unblock YouTube with proxies the right way:

Selecting a reliable proxy provider 

There is no shortage of proxy providers peddling their wares online. However, to make the right choice, you need to consider reputation (customer reviews), size of IP address pool, number of locations provided, etc. Look at things from every angle before making a decision.

Configure your device to use the proxy 

This is somewhat complex and the specific method may vary by proxy provider. For instance, Proxy Cheap has a proxy manager extension to help with this issue. Alternatively, their users can count on a user-friendly onboarding process that differentiates between expert proxy users and beginners.

Connect and enjoy your streaming

Once configured and connected, you can open and use YouTube like you normally would. The proxy would help mask your IP.

Are Free YouTube Unblockers Safe to Use?

Any free tool is a potential problem. The same goes for free YouTube unblockers. Here are specific reasons why free YouTube unblockers might not be safe to use:

  • Security and privacy issues. The unblocker might work in many ways, including rerouting user traffic and requests through proxy servers. It might not be much of an issue if it only works for the app. However, if the unblocker also reroutes traffic from other apps and online activity, it could mean the proxy server has access to information you’d prefer they not have. This same worry exists with established proxy servers, and that’s why reputation is important. Furthermore, those with claimed security features (like free VPNs) offer no guarantee whatsoever of their existence. Proxy Cheap proxies have pristine reputations, but the same can’t be said for free unblockers. 
  • Data harvesting. Secondary to the unblocker being able to view and track your traffic, is them gathering it for sale. Free services need maintenance and, in some cases, profit. By gathering user data (like IP addresses, personal information, etc.) for sale to third parties, they can achieve their financial goals. The obtained data would then inform targeted advertising, criminal activities, etc.
  • Ad injection and malware distribution. Some free unblockers may inject ads into the content you access through them. As such, they increase data usage and negatively impact the browsing experience. Even more uncommon is the possibility that the free unblocker infects devices and networks with malware.
  • Limited encryption. Many free unblockers might claim to possess encryption to protect user data. In addition to the fact that they might be harvesting said data, they might also not possess encryption. In the event that they do, it is unlikely to be as sophisticated as the encryption of paid unblockers.
  • Limited server locations. A limited pool of IP addresses provided by free unblockers might be a problem. The major problem is an inability to unblock content from a wider variety of locations when needed. However, there is also the problem that all the users of the free unblocker rotate the same IPs. As such, in the event of an issue, you might be unknowingly associated with an IP used in a cybercrime.


YouTube is a source of entertainment, education, earning, etc. It represents different things to different people. It’s why blocked content can be potentially detrimental to the lives of many, even when the reasons are legitimate. 

As a result, people use proxies to bypass YouTube blocks. However, not all proxies are ideal or safe. Our article breaks down why content is blocked, and why free proxies and unblockers might be safe. We are happy to be of assistance as you facilitate safe, unrestricted content for your needs. 


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