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Proxies and Business

Overtime globalization has led to an enormous increase in competition, which allowed and somewhere even forced the businesses to grow at much faster rate. Because of such an expansion in global reach, the challenges of privacy, security and high-level marketing have become more prominent than ever before. Businesses continuously struggle with blocks, blacklists and various types of restrictions that websites impose on them in order to stop the data collection.

Yet – a residential proxy network is an extremely effective solution to avoid these problems.


What is a Residential Proxy?

A residential proxy in our case works as an intermediary that uses IP addresses assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). These are real, household IPs of daily network users, not a build-up parody from a data center.
Whenever a residential proxy is used, your real IP address is masked underneath the residential IP, therefore every single time you access the World-Wide-Web, it will always show the residential proxy IP instead of yours.

Luckily, unlike datacenter IPs, residential IPs are recognized as real households and therefore – real people, which passes through the filters and limitations, like a hot knife going through the butter.


How actually residential proxies help your business?

As we already have discussed, residential proxies are way more legitimate than any datacenter proxy, because of which the web browsing simply becomes more reliable. Businesses can fully rely on them since they help improve privacy, security and general safety. Let’s discuss some of the ways residential proxies can actually help your business:


  • Maintain Anonymity
    Protect the privacy of your business with residential proxies. Rotating residential IPs form an identity masking barrier between you and the other servers, enabling you to conduct business without the hindrance of nosy competition that continuously tries to get some insights.


  • Optimize Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
    Residential proxies remain to be one of the most effective tools to test ad campaigns before the launch or even after they have gone live. You can check whether the advertising campaigns are properly displayed or how different types of users react from a specific location to your advertisement. These insights directly benefit you by delivering a sufficient amount of information to adapt your ad-performance and boost directly boost your marketing strategy.


  • Monitor Performance
    See how your website or mobile app works for users from different locations with the help of our residential proxies. In addition to that, you can test the load capacity of your site or software of your choice by sending a large number of requests using multiple residential IP addresses.


  • Brand Protection
    Residential proxies boost the overall safety and security of your brands’ data. They help to eliminate the abusers, copyright infringers and other types of malicious users. With residential IPs, you can easily access the data-thieves websites or software, collect enough evidence and sue them directly to hell.


To Finalize

Residential proxies even for atypical business, offer a diverse range of advantages. Not only because they mimic real human behavior or characteristics online, but also because they protect your privacy and boost general anonymity. Proxy-Cheap has made residential proxies accessible, affordable and extremely user-friendly. In addition to that our proxies are supported by practically any smart device or software program.

Whether you are a business owner who is looking to improve performance or expand operations while seeking new opportunities – or a young entrepreneur who is doing some freelance marketing on the side, Proxy-Cheap residential proxies will remain a great choice to assist you on your venture. Reliability guaranteed with our high-quality residential IPs.

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