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Proxy 101

Given the frequency of data leaks, and growing data privacy concerns, it’s no surprise that people are turning to proxies. A proxy can reroute user web traffic through proxy servers, thus hiding user activity among other benefits.

However, there are many forms of proxies. Proxies can be in the form of free sites/ applications, or proxy extensions. They can also be paid applications obtained from vendors. 

The above forms provide web proxy services as standalone solutions, though. A proxy browser is a browser enhanced with integrated proxies or VPNs that allow users to reroute traffic and spoof locations. As such, their users can securely connect directly through the browser. Read on to learn how to choose a proxy browser, and the best proxy browsers to consider in 2024.

How to Select the Right Proxy Browser

Thanks to technological advancements, access to resources, and the over-exuberance of developers, there are many proxy browsers around. However, proxy browsers are not made the same. As such, you need to select the reliable best from the rest. Here are some factors to help you choose the right proxy browser:

  1. Security. A reliable proxy browser for your online needs should have robust security features. Such features may include encryption to protect data transmissions, frequent security patches, etc. The latter is particularly important as it indicates developer commitment to identifying threats and enhancing cybersecurity.
  2. Privacy. You should ideally target proxy browsers that strive to provide total privacy. That means they obscure digital fingerprints as well as location. In other words, your anonymous proxy browser should have no log policies, IP masking, creation of virtual user profiles, etc.
  3. Server locations. Proxies are the core product in these browsers. As such, it only makes sense that the selected proxy browser should have a wide pool of locations and IP addresses. The more locations it has servers in, the better they are for accessing any content and other functions.
  4. Reliability. Under reliability, you should consider speed, latency, and consistent connectivity. Latency refers to the time taken for the browser to connect to the chosen proxy server. Speed, on the other hand, is generally a function of the type of proxy server. Consistent connectivity simply means the ability of the proxy browser to keep working seamlessly without interruptions. User reviews often are the best indicator of reliability.
  5. Compatibility. A proxy browser might have nice reviews but lacks compatibility with your device or operating system. As such, consider both when researching proxy browsers.
  6. Learning Curve. By learning curve, we are referring to the degree of technical expertise required to use the browser. If you’re a beginner, look for something with a user-friendly interface and straightforward configurations. If you’re well versed with such browsers, then something with more customization options may suit your expertise.
  7. Customer support. Sometimes, all the experts in the world still can’t sort through the technical mess developers create. As such, you might need some platform support to provide guidance. In such cases, you would likely wish your proxy browser developers were the responsive, proactive types. So, prioritize proxy browsers with great customer service, support, and a history of regular updates.
  8. Cost. Nothing good comes cheap. In the case of proxies, if it’s free, it’s also likely overloaded and poorly maintained. That said, the most expensive proxy browsers on the market might not be what you need. Be sure to compare features, value, and your specific needs before making any purchasing decision.
  9. Trial period. Some proxy browsers offer free or limited versions to let users sample their service. Using this, you can test the proxy without committing to a purchase. It’s helpful if you’re short on cash and can’t afford a bad decision. Consider using trial periods if you need to.

Best Proxy Browser for 2024

There are many browsers with a built-in ability to reroute web traffic through proxy and VPN servers. However, not all of them are of sufficient quality to make the list. Here are the most effective browsers among those reviewed.

Tor Browser

tor browser 924x400

The Tor browser is one of the older tools dedicated to safe and anonymous browsing. While it is technically not a proxy browser, it does achieve the aim of keeping its users anonymous and secure. 


  • Isolates individual browsing sessions and clears logs, history, and cookies after every session
  • Reroutes user traffic through three servers (and encryption levels)
  • As a result of the convoluted request and relay routes, the browser is relatively slow
  • User interface is straightforward to use.

Use Cases

  • Used by any individual or entity looking to keep their activity private
  • It has a bad reputation as a result of users using it to surf the dark web
  • Its relative lack of speed might make it unsuitable proxy for web scraping, streaming, gaming, and other data-intensive or time-sensitive operations


  • Free for all and managed by the Tor Project.


  • Compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Epic Privacy Browser

epic privacy browser 924x400

Proxy browser unblocks websites and platforms, but a continuing commitment to privacy; that’s what you get from the Epic Privacy Browser. It runs a similar interface to Chrome, the most popular browser in the world, making it easy to use for many. However, it takes the concept of extreme privacy and security to a new level.


  • An in-built proxy server
  • Proxy servers are integrated with encryption for enhanced data security
  • The proxy service has hundreds of servers in eight different countries. However, the review showed that not all of the servers are functional
  • Users can access proxy browser unblocked streaming platforms
  • A security vault for storing personal files
  • Clears all user data after exiting a session 
  • It is relatively slower than other proxy browsers on this list, and it sometimes lags

Use Cases

  • Suitable for streaming due to its effectiveness at unblocking streaming platforms
  • Browsing speed and secure proxy make it ideal for web scraping operations and video uploads 


  • The browser is free to use, except if you want to switch to its search engine, PrivateSearch. That would cost an additional $2.50


  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.


opera 924x400

Opera comes with Free and Pro VPN features, both integrated into the browser. Additionally, Opera encrypts all traffic. Also, it features a specialized tracker blocker aimed at preventing third-party tools known for unauthorized data access.


  • Equipped with integrated VPNs
  • It is fast
  • Blocks ads and trackers effectively
  • No live customer support but has comprehensive FAQs and answers to assist
  • In-built VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure web traffic
  • The VPN doesn’t have many server locations and doesn’t allow users to select the particular countries they would like to connect with
  • The Pro VPN service protects the entire device and not just the browser
  • The web proxy browser lacks a kill-switch failsafe for when VPN coverage drops during use

Use Cases

  • Unblocks many of the popular streaming platforms and is suitable for the purpose
  • The unlimited bandwidth offered by the browser makes it suitable for gaming as well
  • Ideal for travelers looking to create and upload content securely


  • It is free to use but some features, like its integrated Pro VPN, require payment.


  • Compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Avast Secure Browser

avast secure browser 924x400

Avast is popularly an antivirus provider. However, the company released the Avast Security Browser in 2016, to provide security to online activities as well.


  • The add-on can work on any browser
  • Helps users mask IP address and digital identity while in use
  • Special bank mode, with added encryption for when financial transactions are carried out
  • Provides a dedicated VPN and antivirus services as additional add-ons if users wish
  • Prevents untrusted third-party software downloads and does the same for extensions through its Extension Guard feature
  • Available on mobile devices, making it possible to sync activity
  • Easy to use because it doesn’t change the interface or layout of your browser
  • Prevents website fingerprinting, blocks ads, and disables trackers

Use Cases

  • It’s perfect for individuals and businesses that want lightweight security and privacy without installing a new software tool


  • The Avast secure browser is free


  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS

Dolphin Anty 

dolphin anty browser 924x400

Dolphin Anty is Russian-made, and Russian-made tech tools intended to provide privacy and security are well known for their commitment to the task. Make of that what you will…but only after trying it out.


  • Allows the creation of multiple browser profiles, sometimes reaching into the thousands depending on the plan
  • Allows users to manually or automatically alter their browser fingerprints, thus negatively impacting the ability of websites to develop accurate profiles or identify users.
  • There is a free version that allows users to create 10 browser profiles and is usable forever.
  • Has a proxy management feature
  • Cookie importation and management feature
  •  A user-friendly interface and allows users to attach notes to browsing profiles
  • Facilitates the automatic rotation of IP addresses

Use Cases

  • It is appropriate for use by affiliate marketers, who may find themselves in need of proxies for managing multiple accounts across various e-commerce platforms.
  • Its social media automation tools make it attractive to social media marketers.


  • Dolphin Anty allows users an additional 10 profiles for $10 on the free version. However, the offer is only available for up to 50 profiles. Beyond that, there are 5 packages. The Base package is worth $89 and allows 100 browsing profiles. Next is the Team package at $159 a month and 300 profiles. Their Enterprise package is worth $299 a month and provides access to 1,000 profiles. Then there is a custom plan for users looking to create 1,000+ profiles. Regardless of the package, users can enjoy a 20% discount if they pay biannually.


  • Dolphin Anty works on Windows, macOS, macOS(M1), and Linux.

Brave browser

brave browser 924x400

Brave is among the best privacy browsers on the market thanks to its VPN-firewall combo service. Combine that with its compatibility across many systems, and it is deservedly popular.


  • The browser has an in-built firewall and VPN that protects the entire device
  • It has integrated IP masking, ad-blocking, and tracker-blocking features
  • The VPN uses an IKEv2/IPsec protocol, as opposed to wireguard or OpenVPN.
  • The browser has 24/7 customer support to help deal with issues
  • It uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure web traffic
  • Brave browser is relatively more expensive than other dedicated VPNs. However, this is likely attributable to its firewall.

Use Cases

  • It is suitable for small business operations that require protecting a small network of devices
  • It is ideal for data analysts dealing in the collection and transmission of sensitive data
  • The browser is perfect for marketers who are managing accounts across multiple devices


  • Users can pay $9.99 per month or $9.99 per year. Both deals allow for the protection of 5 for the duration of the subscription. 


  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

UR Browser

ur browser 924x400

The UR browser is comparatively new when set beside many other browsers on this list. However, its position here is based on functionality and performance. The UR web proxy browser allows people to design the interface and pick the security tools they want. Then it sets out to diligently make their preferences count. That’s a win in our book.


  • Allows users to customize their interface
  • Opens all websites via an HTTPS connection by default
  • UR browser prevents website fingerprinting
  • When using private search engines, the browser employs a 2048-bit RSA encryption 
  • Integrates anti-virus scanning into its functions and runs all loaded and downloaded content through the scanner
  • Blocks ads and disables trackers
  • The highest privacy level of the browser has a no-logs policy and deletes all browsing data at the end of every session

Use Cases

  • UR browser is effective for individuals handling sensitive personal or business data
  • Its anti-virus activity also makes it suitable for users who download lots of content online, such as gamers, analysts, etc.


  • The UR browser is free


  •  It is compatible with Windows and MacOS

Aloha Browser

aloha browser 924x400

Aloha has been around for a while. The browser comes with a VPN both for web traffic and all internet connectivity through the device. It’s also among the first to provide an in-built crypto wallet. The ability to stay informed and adapt according to the changing needs of users is part of what makes it a favorite among casual users and businesspeople alike. 


  • It has an in-built VPN to help encrypt user data and protect data transmission
  • It has an ad-blocker to improve browsing speed
  • The Aloha browser comes with an integrated VR player, capable of playing videos online and offline.
  • The browser comes with an integrated file manager that can double as a vault with its passcode and fingerprint lock features.
  • It allows users to customize the interface and background as they wish
  • The VPN provides device-wide coverage
  • The browser has an in-built crypto wallet for business people

Use Cases

  • It is suitable for professionals looking for a secure way to separate their personal and professional activity and transactions
  • It is one of the best proxy browsers for Android users


  • There’s a free version that’s handy but doesn’t provide the full range of features. The paid version goes for $7.99 monthly or $69.99 annually.


  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices

GoLogin Browser

gologin browser 924x400

One thing is sure: GoLogin employs aggressive content marketing of their product. Though, recently founded, there is more than adequate evidence of their effectiveness. Their performance proves this. 


  • It helps users mask their identity and prevents website fingerprinting for accurate profiles
  • Allows its users to manually or automatically create up to 8,000 virtual profiles for online activity
  • Its proxy servers are available in 5 countries
  • Allows users to import and manage cookies
  • The GoLogin browser allows premium users to share profiles with other users, thus helping professionals manage virtual profiles for teams.
  • The browser allows premium users to pay with some cryptocurrencies 

Use Cases

  • The browser is suitable for analysts looking to scrape websites for data
  • It is a handy proxy browser for e-commerce research or marketers juggling multiple affiliate or social media accounts


  • There are four priced packages: Professional, Business, Enterprise, and Custom. Professional is worth $24 monthly and allows users to create 100 profiles. However, it doesn’t allow profile sharing. Business is worth $49 a month and allows 300 profiles. Enterprise is worth $99 a month and allows users to create 1000 profiles. The custom plan is flexible, depending on how many profiles a user wants to create.


  • The GoLogin browser works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Octo Browser

octo browser 924x400

Octo browser provides enhanced security features. It is one of the proxy browsers on this list to allow the creation of multiple virtual profiles. As such, it is elite at obscuring digital fingerprints among other things. 


  • A user-friendly interface
  • Allows its users to create multiple virtual browsing profiles
  • Possesses ad-blocking and anti-tracking capabilities 
  • Offers excellent customer support, including video tutorials to help users acclimatize 
  • It allows users to utilize their party proxy tools and has a proxy manager to that effect

Use Cases

  • The browser is great for users looking to multitask or manage multiple accounts such as marketers, social media managers, etc.


  • There are 5 pricing plans for users of the Octo Browser. The first is the starter plan which costs €29 and allows users to create 10 profiles. The base plan is worth €79 and allows users to create 100 profiles. Then there are the team and advanced plans which are worth €169 and €329 respectively.  The latter allows users to create 1200 profiles Wilhelmina the former permits 350 profiles. The final plan is the custom plan, which starts from €429.


  • Octo Browser is compatible with Linux, Windows, and MacOS.  

Comparing Proxy Browsers


Privacy Speed Server Locations Security User Review Summary
Epic Privacy Browser In-built proxy servers, no-log policy Fast, but lags sometimes 8 Encrypted connections. Security vault for files Excellent service
Tor No log policy  Average None  Multiple encryption layers, isolated browsing sessions Excellent service
Avast Secure Browser Ad-blocking, anti-fingerprinting,  Excellent 55 Anti-virus, bank mode for protecting financial information, anti-tracking Excellent servive
Opera Integrated VPN, ad-blocking Excellent 5 Device-wide VPN protection, anti-tracking Excellent service
Dolphin Anty Virtual profiles, anti-fingerprinting Good Unknown  IP rotation, proxy management Inconsistent performance, poor customer Support
Brave Browser Anti-fingerprinting, ad-blocks Excellent 13 Integrated VPN and Firewall, AES 256-bit encryption Great service and customer support, but expensive
UR Browser Anti-fingerprinting, no-log policy,  Good 16 Default encrypted connection, 2048-bit RSA encryption for private search engines Great performance, questionable customer support
Aloha Browser VPN, ad-blocking Excellent 15 Passcode and fingerprint lock, device-wide VPN coverage Excellent service and customer support
GoLogin Browser Masks IP, prevents fingerprinting Good 5 No-log policy, encrypted connections Great performance, inconsistent customer support
Octo Browser Virtual profiles, ad-blocking Good but sometimes lags None Anti-tracking, multiple browsing profiles Great customer support


Choosing the Right Proxy

When using a free proxy, the particular proxy type you use is entirely dependent on what the site employs. Unfortunately, proxy type can affect the level of anonymity and how web admins perceive your activity.

There are three types of proxies where anonymity is concerned. We have elite proxies, anonymous proxies, and transparent proxies. The degree of anonymity decreases from elite to transparent. Most times, free proxies are transparent, offering some advantages of proxies but little anonymity or security.

That aside, though, there are three common types of proxies in commercial use today. They are:

  1. Datacenter Proxies. These proxies employ servers located in data centers. As such, they do not confer organic anonymity. In some ways, datacenter proxies are a form of anonymous proxies. However, they have their benefits. For one, they offer reliable and consistent service. Their connections are fast and they generally have fewer interruptions. The consequence of these characteristics is that they are more affordable than residential and mobile proxies. Buy both IPv4 and IPv6 datacenter proxies from Proxy Cheap today.
  2. Residential Proxies. In terms of anonymity, a residential proxy is an elite proxy. The proxies obtain IP addresses from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). As such, anonymity conferred by them is organic as web traffic appears original to web admins. Consequently, they are less susceptible to IP blocks. Unfortunately, they are not as reliable as datacenter proxies. Their speeds vary depending on ISP and location. So too does the consistency of the connection. That said, their anonymity means that they are expensive to acquire and maintain. Hence, they are more expensive than datacenter proxies.
  3. Mobile Proxies. Mobile proxies take the anonymity of residential proxies even further. These proxies use the IP addresses of mobile devices. As such, they appear even more original. They, unfortunately, have the same speed and reliability limitations as residential proxies. However, reliable providers of both proxies would likely have better service. With mobile proxies, though, you’d pay more. They are generally more expensive than residential proxies.

In addition to these three general types of proxies, developers might market some other attractive characteristics. Some of these include dedicated proxies, rotating proxies, etc. 

Rotating proxies is helpful for users looking to avoid IP bans during scraping or other request-heavy automated tasks. Check out the Rotating proxies at Proxy Cheap, for comprehensive and affordable coverage. However, note that some of these characteristics incite additional costs, significant ones in some cases.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is a proxy browser?

A proxy browser is a browser that has an integrated web proxy. As a result, it retains the ability of a web proxy to reroute web traffic through proxy servers. This makes user activity more secure and anonymous and helps them get access to data from any location.

Are there free proxy browsers available?

There are free proxy browsers available online. They might have reduced performance and security compared to paid alternatives. However, they are generally considered better than free proxy sites, servers, or extensions

Which is the best proxy browser for Android?

Of the proxy browsers for Android devices, the UPX and Tor browsers are popular. The UPX browser has built-in VPN capabilities. On the other hand, the Tor browser is an old-timer for people prioritizing privacy.

Do proxy browsers affect internet speed?

Proxy browsers affect internet speeds. The process of rerouting traffic through servers could slow down requests and feedback from websites. However, the exact extent of the impact depends on server location, efficiency of the proxy setup, and other network conditions.


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