TOP 5 Reasons Why Buying Proxies is Simply Better

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Buying proxies vs using free ones has to do with a set of advantages like stability, reliability, safety. Proxy servers work directly by forwarding your requests through alternate IP addresses, yet if you are not effectively masking your IP’s origin, or using the wrong IP type it can affect your actions online, and in most cases – very negatively.

Using free proxies can be compared to a limited trial of software or a service, where you will be restricted to the basic features, therefore you can only have a quick peek, without an opportunity to access a full of quality experience, or entirely solve your problem.

In addition to that, using free proxies, at times can be risky and most likely will jeopardize your actions online, delivering negative consequences for which you will have to put even more time down the drain. We understand it doesn’t sound as appealing, yet this is the real, hard truth.

Modern cyber-ninja cares about time since it is directly correlated with the opportunity cost and in this particular equation, we want to be sure that by investing our time, we receive the best, measurable outcome preferably accompanied by monetary reward or at least some goodwill instead of simply wasting it.

That is why Proxy-Cheap focuses on preventing this kind of waste, which is why we will introduce 5, perhaps the most valuable attributes that may seem relevant to you. Giving you the certainty and a reason to buy a bulk of your own proxies.

Data accuracy

Properly selected IP will ensure the most accurate data gathering, but what is a properly selected IP? This, of course, depends on the task you are trying to accomplish. If the task is to collect data, then it’s suggested to purchase a large pool of geographically specific IPs, usually charged for bandwidth that allows IP rotation as a feature. This is extremely important, because free IPs come with limitations, allowing only one free IP type. Using the wrong IP can restrict your access all around the web, while feeding your crawling or scraping tools with totally invalid data that does not represent reality and will eventually mislead you, biting once again and making you waste even more time.

Quality of proxies

The quality of your proxies depends on the incentives of the team managing them. If a proxy provider offers free proxies, most likely there will be no monetary benefit in return which means that they will not be incentivized to offer you a high-grade proxy network, where blacklisted IPs are always removed from the pool or perhaps the pool itself is simply not big enough. This will drastically decrease the efficiency of proxies, while negatively impacting your performance and information obtained by using them.
On the contrary, providers who care about their offering and business practices will do their very best to continuously monitor the service, assuring the quality of proxies, by expanding the pool size and taking care of stability as well as security, boosting general anonymity and reliability of the service.

Blocks & restrictions

Stop getting blocked and never forget that sites keep a track record of the IP addresses accessing them. History can actually become one of the biggest limitations when using shared proxies, that as you already may have guessed are mostly free. We suggest you purchase an IP that has a restriction or a limit on the number of users and domains accessible. This option grants, in general, a higher success rate, adding smoothness to the operations. The majority of free proxies are simple, shared datacenter IPs, as this is the most cost-effective solution. Yet, when multiple users access the same domain using the same IP which definitely is not even rotating, it will likely cause a considerable amount of blocks that will directly hinder your operations.

Competitive force

In case you are planning to utilize proxies to track your competition, eventually getting an edge over it, it is important to understand how sites recognize those entering their domains. Tracking those who are accessing a site is a common practice on the web for a variety of benefits. This also means that if you are not using a proxy, a site can at once recognize whether you are a bot, filtering and directly feeding misleading information such as inaccurate pricing or descriptions. By purchasing IPs from the right network, applying the right targeting options you can guarantee the real pricing without being misled.

Control of your presence online

By buying IPs you ensure that the sites you are accessing are always displayed correctly, with applied targeting it will allow you to diversify the browsing locations giving you a high spectrum of information about the functionality of your website during the testing. With high-grade IPs you also can protect your brand from copyright infringement and directly lock out the malicious users, without having to deal with the consequences of their unethical behavior. Free proxies provide the ability to select a location, yet still maintain the limitations, while high-quality proxies allow way more targeting options and much more. Whenever you purchase a high-quality proxy you can choose a specific country, city and at times even carrier of the proxy provided, which allows the most accurate and thorough control of your online presence.

Consider shopping for proxies if you truly care about the performance, quality, and accuracy of the data acquired. This will directly simplify and deliver an opportunity to save way more time than trying to solve the same problem by using free ones. As we already know time = money, as well as that time is the most valuable asset on the planet earth. Select the right proxies, speak to a proxy expert today and learn how to apply the best type of proxy to your task. Benefit and get a competitive advantage, this is what you certainly deserve today and every upcoming day together with Proxy-Cheap.

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