Rotating Residential Proxies. Why Should You Choose Them?

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What are rotating proxies and why should you choose them?

Rotating proxies are responsible for a whole lot of various online activities, such as security, web scraping, data mining and others. For your convenience here at proxy-cheap we offer residential rotating proxies from 100+ countries! You can send unlimited requests and rotate your IP on every request too! Register HERE!

What is a rotating proxy?

Rotating proxy is proxy server that is assigning you a new IP address from the existing proxy pool for every of your connection. As example – you can launch a script to send let’s say 2000 requests to various sites and get 2000 different IP addresses. Rotating proxies from our pool are residential devices so connection requests are less suspicious to the website in target.

Here at proxy-cheap our residential rotating proxy usage integrated in the dashboard is fairly simple to use and allows user to connect to a random country or allows to choose country as country-level targeting is available.

How does it rotate? Can I have custom rotation?

IP rotations job is fairly simple – to assign a new IP for every connection. Random IP option allows users to send thousands of connection requests and IP’s will be rotated on every request or refresh. It allows such use cases as web scraping to reach new levels and protects from subnet bans as it is the worst-case scenario using datacenter proxies. Users can also choose from session (sticky) sessions. That allows users to obtain the IP address for a session for ~30+ minutes. Good choice for users that may need to do some multitasking jobs such as retail purchases or account managements.

More information about our residential rotating proxies can be found here.

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