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Proxies and Business

Any business will agree that brands are really important assets. The safety and security of
your brand and its reputation is vital in order to keep your business’ well-being. Strong brand
means increased value which allows to attract new customers and new investors much easier, allows to attract new talents and develop loyalty towards your business. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Well, anything can be achieved with great work and great security strategies.

As business owners would tell – brand is the thing that also represents your company values and ethics. But that just adds up a little more to understand on how significant it is to protect the brand. Because if it is being hit, your business takes one up too. The most important thing in the branding is mostly about preventing possible thefts in modern day internet world. Investment in possible ways to ensure protection has never been as vital as it is nowadays although the theft actions are nothing new as they have been in this digital world probably ever since it had public access. But probably the newly created businesses should be very careful about the protection of branding whereas other startups of similar field could be attempting to do corporate espionage and claim the idea of yours as their own.

No doubt that safety and cybersecurity on the internet had always been the topic that
raised a lot of questions among various both users and businesses. Despite having superior
technology in these modern times – businesses still face increasing number of threats or
sometimes even cyberattacks. Unless appropriate actions are not taken to prevent and defend from various threats or attacks – businesses can become an easy target for any possible outside intrusion attempts.

But of course, options to protect your brand are existing and yes, there’s plenty of them.
As the numbers of threats are increasing – the ways of protection are being made stronger within every day as well. Probably the hardest thing for any way of possible protection options is to ensure is usability and system stability. Not every business is investing into employing someone who would be working as a security guard of your website as more businesses are choosing take all the needs of cybersecurity themselves. Sure, this saves money and allows to use specific hardware, software and obtain knowledge that would otherwise be harder to afford. Whichever decision businesses make in order to protect their brand, as it is subjective to businesses individually, you may want to find a perfect harmony in-between strong and effective protection or such protection way that would be understood by the ones who need to use it.

The best example of what is commonly used by various businesses in order to secure sensitive data is a VPN. Businesses will usually require their employees to use VPN in order to have access to their remote networks. This is a brilliant option that ensures that all the traffic and data sent/received is sent through encrypted communications channels as it stops any potential intruders to intercept, read any kind of data.

Proxies are also a tool that is widely used to step up security levels both by regular everyday users and businesses too. Although proxies and VPN work similarly – proxies have extra benefits to its name for your advantage. But that is also with the fact that different tasks may require different level of security and anonymity. Residential proxies are the best of its type as it does mask your IP address completely.

Why should you choose proxies over VPN?

You cannot say that VPN is not good as it is sometimes even vital but there are some
certain points that VPN certainly cannot afford. Probably the most infamous one being that VPN cannot improve your internet connection speeds whereas proxy can both improve the speeds in the business networks and require less bandwidth used for browsing. Using static residential proxies users can worry no more as the bandwidth is completely unlimited!

Another advantage of proxies, especially residential ones is that they can still keep your data
secure just like VPN, which is probably the most important thing for any modern businesses.
Despite hackers and potential intruders having various tools for intercepting sensitive data –
proxies with great effectively stops possible tracing of your internet traffic back to your
corporate servers.

How residential proxies ensure my anonymity on the internet?

This is a good and yet very easy question to answer. Residential proxies mean that the IP
addresses are really legitimate as they are provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider) to
households. How does it help more to ensure security for businesses? If your employees use proxy network – your employees original IP addresses cannot be traced. How come? Because proxy server works as a middleman between you and the internet. After connecting to proxy – it is the proxy server that downloads the website information and interface with the internet for you thus meaning that any kind of connection that is traced back will lead just to the proxy server address and not the individual machines of your network or your personal IP addresses.

This is very valuable especially for average businesses that are targets for various hackers as businesses always sends and receives data which includes sensitive data too such as various projects, concepts, classified information.


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