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Proxy 101

Accessing and registering.


Immediately after registering, and verifying your email you will access the dashboard, where within the billing section you will be able to “Top Up” a selected amount.

Clicking the “Top Up” button brings us into the window of selection.

Here you can select your payment option and amount that you would like to top up. 

After topping up we proceed to the following section of Services: Proxies Here we click the “Add  New Proxy” button.

We will be redirected to the selected folder.


Now let’s select Residential and choose the amount of data we would like to purchase.

Directly after clicking “Order” we will be redirected to the page with the Proxy, as well as it will appear in your list in the proxy section.


From now onwards, you can utilize your account and continuously benefit from all the options, customizations and of course the massive pool of 6+ million IPs.

The proxies can be easily generated through our dashboard and therefore are directly ready to be utilized according to your preference or use case.

An overview of how it looks in general, without any selections:

An overview of how it looks, is an example of generating Sticky (Session IP) proxy with Russia selected as a location:


We can clearly see that the Session IP (Sticky proxy) can be refreshed to generate even more passwords of its kind. 

It is also emphasized that the password has been changed since we selected Sticky proxies instead of Randomly rotating proxies. Now the connection details are generated and delivered ready to use, as noted:

Connection IP:Port =
Connection Username: oarke5jf
Connection Password: xyz123_country-Russia_session-WxNrETvb

Curl example comes as following directly under the generated proxies:

The last randomly generated 6 symbols grant us access to the session of the location selected.
We can generate as many sessions as we want and access all the available proxies in Russia at this time for as long as they are hosted. 

Everything works extremely easy, smoothly and user-friendly, without any additional hassle. 

Augustas Frost

Support Manager

Augustas Frost is a valued contributor at Proxy-Cheap, specializing in proxy-related content. With a knack for simplifying complex topics, he's your go-to source for understanding the world of proxies.
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