How are Proxy-Cheap Residential Proxies Useful for SEO?

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Using Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies for monitoring SEO and gaining competitive advantage 

Whenever we speak of web browsing, it has become a common practice to look only at the first page of a search engine. Not so often people dive deeper into the oceans of web results where succeeding pages are leveling up their game in terms of SEO to gain that advantage in terms of ranking.

Sadly most of the pages after the first page results tend to be drastically overlooked, and therefore fail to claim their share of the SEO generated market.
Certainly, if you have a website that you want to grow, stakes are high that you are willing to be included on the first page of a search engine.

With so many websites running, competition becomes only stiffer, yet understanding your competitor’s stand is extremely important. Nevertheless the attention to competition, you also need to continuously adapt and act upon information received from the research activities.

This is the exact place where in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) –  Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies play an important role.


How are Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies useful for SEO?

In the equation of ranking, SEO is the key variable that determines the success rate of your website. Understanding SEO rankings is crucial if you want to claim the competitive space and become visible in search engines.

There are quite a few growth strategies that companies can use, starting with DIY tools ending with mostly overpriced SEO services. Even then, these tools are useless if you don’t understand the exact way they are performing and affecting your current ranking.

Whenever you are dealing with any kind of audit on your website, or perhaps on one of your competitor’s, you will need residential IPs to successfully scrape the ranking results. The residential proxies are needed mainly for the fact that every business nowadays is trying to protect themselves and they will do their very best to restrict your access with any means available at the time.

Why should you use Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies?

Let’s clarify, when and which type of proxy to pick. Diving into differences:

  • Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies: Providing rotating residential IP addresses, our proxies are perfect at masking your automated tools from the sophisticated detection algorithms set in place by search engines that automatically block you. If you are serious about implementing scraping into your competitive analysis, our proxies will deliver you a new IP address whenever you need it.
  • Datacenter proxies: This type of proxy is way more common, it gives you a range of IP addresses to choose from, yet this type of proxies is nowhere close effectivity wise to residential proxies. You can get easily blocked by using datacenter proxies, because of which the accuracy of your data will deviate from reality and therefore will be simply considered as invalid.

Web scraping and data collection are commonly utilized by numerous businesses. It is often utilized for tasks like SEO monitoring, website audits, competitive analysis and so on. If you want to increase your success rate in performing these tasks without restrictions, blocks or any additional headache, residential proxy will always be your best choice in this venture.

Proxy-Cheap Residential proxies will always be your best choice for SEO data collection, because of which you will boost your total accuracy of measurable results and will be way less likely to get blocked or anyhow restricted from achieving your goal, certainly in comparison with datacenter proxies.


Use Residential Proxies to your advantage

Make sure to use our Residential proxies to apply the best SEO practices and scale up your results in terms of monitoring the general performance while executing on the winning strategies of yours.


Where do I get Proxy-Cheap Residential Proxies?

We have an entire stock of proxies ready for you, along with an explanation on how to use them in our blog section, directly at


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