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Proxy 101

The bell starts to slowly ring when we hear Social Media Automation, yet what the heck is Phantombuster?

Allow us to introduce the Phantombuster – Tool which is absolutely epic for a range of Social Media Automation use cases which we will discuss more in-depth. 

What are the Highlighted Benefits and Features of Phantombuster?

The features are clarified and give us proper insight into what they are actually doing.

How does it actually work?

Alright, now that we have developed the basic understanding and know what we are dealing with, the following questions appear: where do proxies come in?


As most of us already know, proxies remain to be one of the most important variables for a successful social media campaign, certainly if someone else is managing your account(s).

Proxies deliver you stability, reliability and a certain level of privacy. Sincerely if we speak about mobile proxies, that simply allows you to do so much more with your campaign, when it activates the power of cellular towers and algorithms cannot ban you as easy anymore. Because as we know, the same IP can be assigned to 10’s or 100’s of users: who would risk that?

Nevertheless, why would you need a proxy for a service such as Phantombuster?

You see, Phantombuster also has a scraping tool in it, complemented with the other tools that together, combine an ALL-IN-ONE social traffic driving force. Sounds very promising, huh?

Why might I need a proxy?

The great thing about Phantombuster is that it’s in the cloud. This means Phantoms can act on your behalf without your browser having to be active or you having to be around. However, the thing about this ‘cloud’ is that it actually has an address, or addresses, all over the world – and the ones being used might be totally different from you where you are in the world.

Some websites, such as Facebook, are closely monitoring the geographical location of your IP address(es). If they see that you’re connecting from your own browser in, for example, France, and Phantombuster is simultaneously connecting from elsewhere in the world, it will very quickly catch on and suspend your account.

To avoid this, you can use a proxy. But what is a proxy? It acts as an intermediary and places your browser in a different geographical location of your choice. In other words, having one close to you can come in very handy.

That being said, proxies will ensure that your entire range of activities is secure, private, reliable and at the same time remain in the same geographical location, allowing you to enjoy your days passing by while automation is simply delivering even more freedom.

Properly setup automation will save you a tremendous amount of daily hassle, while only requiring occasional maintenance. Make sure to try out Phantombuster services and of course use your favorite (#Proxy-Cheap) provider for proxies, just in case you need that extra layer of awesomeness. We bet you will, therefore we will be ready to receive your inquiries and orders.

Augustas Frost

Support Manager

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