Datacenter Proxies vs Residential Proxies: Which is Best?

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Datacenter Proxies vs Residential Proxies

Proxies have always been known for transforming normal assumptions regarding the operation of the internet. As an example, the general assumption that one is restricted to the geographical location of his IP address can only hold true in the absence of proxy usage. If perhaps you also think that being blocked from a website whose origin is in another country means that there is no other way to navigate through to that website anymore, then you are probably less informed about proxies and their functions. Basically, proxies help to bypass all sorts of internet restrictions, maintain internet anonymity, and cross thresholds of digital barriers.

That being said, you must understand that different forms of proxies exist with variations in functions and usage. A proper understanding of this is essential before going ahead to purchase your proxy. So sit back while we discuss two of the most important proxies; datacenter proxies and Residential Proxies.

Datacenter Proxies

You have probably heard about them in the past because they happen to be the most common form of proxies and most discourses about proxies are usually done with datacenter proxies in mind. But do you know and understand how it works?

To start with, these kinds of proxies have nothing to do with your ISPs or internet connection. They are usually bought in bulk to serve the purpose of providing different sets of IP addresses in order to maintain anonymity while surfing on the internet. Each proxy has its own special IP address and when one accesses a website with any of the proxies, the identity of such is masked by providing an entirely different IP address. As such, browsing on the internet with an entirely different location is made possible through Datacenter proxies.

If at any point in time, you feel the need for some internet privacy, then Datacenter proxies should be your first stop. It protects your identity while surfing the internet. It affords an opportunity to scrape data, cop sneakers, and do a variety of things without revealing your identity.

Using a Datacenter IP

While datacenter proxies can be used in different forms, users often patronize datacenter proxy providers for web scraping purposes.
Web scraping refers to the process of collecting data from a website. The chances of success at web scraping is relatively high with the usage of data center proxies. The reason is simply that a datacenter proxy makes it possible to gather enough scrapes on a particular subject and such scraping can be done at higher volumes with high chances of success. The more IP addresses you have is directly proportional to the chances of success at any scraping activity. This is why datacenter proxies are usually very advisable for scraping activities.

Residential Proxies
Internet connection is often done via residential IP addresses. The IP address carries your online identity and makes a connection to different websites possible. Every computer usually carries its own specially designed IP address which usually keeps track of the user’s online activity. You can find affordable Residential Proxies right here.

These IP addresses may come in two forms; static or dynamic. As the name implies, static IP addresses do not change but remain the same every time you log on to the internet. The dynamic IP addresses on the other hand changes from time to time but the user-identification factors do not change.

An easy way to know your IP address is to go to a site like what is my IP address. It brings out your IP address and other details such as ISP, city and location. If desired, you could also get a map of your location as well. Yes! That is how powerful your IP address can be.

Datacenter Proxies vs Residential Proxies


So right here is the crux of this post. How do you identify the exact proxy that will match your needs between these two (Datacenter proxy and Residential Proxy)? Both have their advantages and disadvantages and this must be considered closely in order to arrive at the best possible decision.

For datacenter proxies, they usually come at very affordable prices. All you need is some dollars per month and the benefits are all yours. They can be purchased in bulk, a quality that makes it much suitable for web scraping purposes. Since you can easily change your proxies, scraping activities cannot be easily discovered by any website. The rotating proxy option available through a datacenter proxy also makes it more difficult for scraping activities to be detected.

Datacenter Proxies VS Residential Proxies Drawbacks

A major drawback to the usage of datacenter proxy is that it is usually not linked to any ISP and whenever the proxy is inspected the user identity is revealed. But this is only possible when a subnet is shared with someone abusing a proxy. A better way to protect your identity in this instance would thus be to choose a provider that offers lots of subnets.

Residential proxies on the other hand usually utilize legitimate IP addresses which makes the risk of getting blacklisted from websites relatively low since they usually carry the identity of the ISPs and not the datacenter. This may however not be the case if the datacenter proxy provider offers a range of C-class IPs.

Another drawback to the usage of residential proxies is the fact that some persons often obtain residential IP addresses illegally from ISPs and sell them to other people. ISPs may thus take down your IP address while trying to get on the perpetrators of these illegal acts.  Residential proxies are also expensive and much slower compared to Datacenter proxies.

How to find the Best Datacenter Proxies.
As stated earlier, free proxies are often not advisable considering the fact that they are often not secured enough and may be utilized for illicit purposes. It is advisable to purchase from reputable providers. It is also advisable to purchase proxies in bulk if it is to be used for extensive scraping purposes.

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In Conclusion about Datacenter Proxies VS Residential Proxies

Internet privacy has become another necessity in this century and proxies have proved to be helpful in this regard. You must however understand the forms and functions of these proxies before utilizing them at all in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. Remember, to purchase from reputable providers and never forget the buying in bulk trick. With all of this in mind, you can always have a jolly proxy usage experience. Hope this helped you figure out which is best from this Datacenter Proxies VS Residential Proxies guide.

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