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PlayStation consoles have been around for a while and are among the frontiers facilitating the continued popularity of online gaming. However, the online gaming experience of a Playstation doesn’t come without its issues. Some of these are:

  • Geo-restrictions on games
  • High latency and connection lags
  • Potential IP bans
  • Online privacy and security issues
  • Limited game libraries

If only players had a tool to help mitigate these issues. Well, they do. Cue Proxy servers for PS4 & PS5. Read on to learn all you need to know about these tools and how they can elevate your gaming experience.

What Is a Proxy Server for PlayStation?

Proxy servers for PlayStation are intermediaries that reroute the traffic from your console and the internet to help bypass geo-restrictions, access exclusive content, and/or increase the privacy of your connection.

Why Do You Need a Proxy?

On the surface, it may seem that online gaming and proxies don’t intersect. That’s not the case.  Below are many reasons why you need a proxy service and why other gamers are using them.

Lag-Free Connection to the Game 

Gamers playing online in real-time run the risk of losing ground to opponents due to latency and network inconsistency. Proxies allow them to retake control of their network quality. They can potentially optimise their data routing paths and reduce the latency of their connections. 

That would mean a stable network and less lag during games. The best proxies for PS5 games, for instance, would have numerous geographically diverse servers to facilitate rerouting from a variety of locations.

Accessing Restricted Gaming Sites

The nature of the modern internet means that some games, forums, and communities may be unavailable to certain players because of their locations. It might be as a result of censorship within their country or licensing issues. 

Whatever the reason for a geo-restriction, proxies can help bypass them. By rerouting through servers in different locations, a proxy server can effectively change a user’s visible IP address and location. Thus, they trick the destination server into granting access.


You would think online gaming would be a safe space for people to compete in casual games. Apparently, it isn’t. There is always the potential for some targeted attacks and harassment in the form of ‘doxxing’ or ‘swatting’. Proxies hide or mask the real IP address of a gamer. The better the anonymity provided, the more difficult it is to track the users and target them.

Accessing Other Servers

The design of games and gaming communities may necessitate players to access servers outside of their locations. Whether it’s to access another game server or interact with members of a new community, proxies can spoof the relevant locations and grant you the access you need. 

Avoiding IP Bans

Sometimes, the online competition can get intense, and a gamer might cross a line. Unfortunately, platforms have terms and regulations guiding players, and they strictly enforce the consequences. Players who cross the line or toe it too many times find themselves at the end of IP bans.

If you happen to be one such gamer and you are ready to turn a new leaf, proxies can fix the problem. Proxies assign you a new online identity by assigning a new IP address. You can start playing again and stop violating the platform’s terms. 

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are one of the ways that your online competition may attempt to steal an advantage. This attack involves disrupting opposition gameplay by flooding them with traffic intended to interrupt their gameplay and induce lags in connection. 

Proxies can serve as a buffer, preventing the DDoS attacks from having full influence or any influence at all. However, you may need to change IP addresses with some degree of regularity. It is for this reason that the best proxy server for PS4 & PS5 is one that offers a large enough address pool. 

Reducing Ping Times

Inefficient network routes and high ping times could impact the transmission and relay of traffic from your device. In other words, it may slow down game performance. The increased power over rerouting paths can help optimise the routes and reduce ping times.  

Accessing Early Releases and Betas

Software, games included, is rarely rolled out as part of a singular release. Most times,  the publisher or developer releases early access versions or beta tests in particular regions. The process helps them assess the gameplay and elements of the game design. Hardcore gamers strive to be among the target group.

If the beta is available in a specific region first, proxies can help you spoof the needed location. As such, you get to participate in the beta testing and experience the first taste of new games regardless of location. 

Protecting Personal Information

Like all online connections, your personal information is under threat just by connecting. A proxy server adds extra security during your online activities by helping hide your IP address and location. That way, cybercriminals and hackers can’t effect a hack and steal anything if you don’t slack on cyber hygiene. 

Enhancing Security

All proxies are not built the same. The protocols they employ or support, the quality of the provider or vendor, and added security features can impact their overall value. If you are a gamer looking to improve your game performance while shoring up personal security, proxies can come in handy. Some of the best proxy servers for PS5 & PS4 are equipped with encryption and anti-malware protection to cover all bases as you compete online. 

How to Setup a Proxy Server for PlayStation Using             ProxyCheap?

Setting up proxies for any purpose can be technically challenging for the uninitiated. Do not worry, we are here to help. For starters, you’d need your Playstation console, PC or Mac and a reliable internet connection. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you connect a proxy server for your Playstation adventures.

Step 1 – Choose a Proxy Server

The first step is selecting a reliable proxy provider. Some proxy providers offer a free service. However, except the free service is a trial, beware. Free online tools can simply be a front to harvest and sell user data.  So, it’s better to opt for a paid service from a reputable vendor. 

Preferably, the chosen proxy server should support SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy protocols, just like the Proxy Cheap proxies do. Proxy Cheap also offers technical support to help beginners get started with proxies.

Step 2 – Obtain Relevant Proxies Details

After selecting a proxy provider and the type of proxy server, the next step is obtaining the relevant details to configure your devices. Details to collect are:

  • Proxy IP address
  • Port number
  • Username and password (if required)

Step 3 – Configure PlayStation Network Settings

Follow the following steps to configure the network settings on your PS4 or PS5:

  1. Switch on the console and locate the settings
  2. Locate and open the “network settings.”
  3. Click on “set up internet connection.”
  4. Choose the connection type you are using. The options are “WiFi” and “LAN”
  5. Select “custom setup”
  6. Choose your connection type
  7. Under IP address settings, select Automatic
  8. Under DHCP hostname, select “do not specify.”
  9. Under DNS settings, select “automatic”
  10. Under MTU settings, select “automatic” as well
  11. Choose to use a proxy server in the next section
  12. Input the proxy server address and port number in the relevant fields
  13. Save the settings

Step 4 – Test the Connection

Once configured, run a connection test on the Playstation console to confirm a successful connection via the proxy server. If it is successful, you should be connected to the internet and can start gaming on the console. The internet connection should possess all the advantages of using a proxy server. enjoy!

To guarantee your continued connection and the best possible service, you may implement the following tips:

  • Your computer must remain switched on at all times while you are playing, and it must stay connected to the internet for the proxy server to remain active
  • Check and update the proxy server settings to change the IP address if necessary
  • For optimization of network and game performance, choose proxy server locations closer to your actual location 

Best Proxy Server for PS4 and PS5

There are many options regarding proxy server providers. As such, here are the best types of  proxy servers for PlayStation 5 to ensure indecision doesn’t become a thing:

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated datacenter proxies use IP addresses associated with datacenters and server farms. However, where most datacenter proxies are publicly available and shared, dedicated datacenter proxies grant a user exclusive access.

  • Security. Dedicated datacenter proxies are less secure than residential proxies. This is because, despite their exclusive nature, they are still less anonymous and more prone to detection. However, they offer more security than shared datacenter proxies. The main security advantage is they guarantee users freedom from association with other user’s activities for however long they wish.
  • Price. Dedicated datacenter proxies are more expensive than shared datacenter proxies. Exclusive access can facilitate long-term connection from a certain IP address, but it comes at a cost.
  • Speed. The exclusivity improves the speed and quality of the connection. For starters, there are less interruptions and congestion, so everything is faster. When you combine exclusivity and the efficiency of a datacenter set up, you end up with a proxy that is perfect for data-heavy online activity.
  • Use Cases. Thanks to the exclusivity and speed provided by dedicated datacenter proxies, they are perfect for gaming. Users can enter and participate in tournaments without changing their IP’s until they are done. The combination of benefits also make dedicated datacenter proxies suitable for streamers and gaming content creators looking to stream their progress.

Dedicated Residential Proxies

Like residential proxies, dedicated residential proxies use IP addresses belonging to actual residential locations. However, they grant single user exclusive access to that IP address for as long as their subscription or purchase agreement indicates. They are different from static residential proxies in that users still retain the use of the IP address even after the end of a browsing session.

  • Security. By virtue of their use of residential IP addresses, these proxies provide more genuine anonymity than datacenter proxies and are better in this regard than dedicated datacenter proxies. They do not differ much from residential proxies, though.  
  • Price. In terms of prices, dedicated residential proxies are more expensive than dedicated datacenter proxies. This is likely due to the authentic anonymity that their IP addresses confer on user traffic. However, these proxies are also more expensive than static and rotating residential proxies.
  • Speed. The speed of dedicated residential proxies will still depend on the quality of service of the internet service providers, and the locations of the origin and destination servers. As such, they are less quick and less efficient than dedicated datacenter proxies. Exclusivity may, however, mean less congestions and interruption while using them.
  • Use Cases. The exclusive anonymity of dedicated residential proxies make them perfect for long-term connections where IP-based authentication is a factor, as in geo-restricted early release games. Similarly, they are good for long-term management of social media accounts associated in other regions and locations. They could also come in handy for competitor research and bypassing geo-restrictions on gaming communities. 

Dedicated Mobile Proxies

As the name implies, dedicated mobile proxies provide its users with exclusive ownership of an IP address belonging to a mobile carrier or device.

  • Security. Dedicated mobile proxies come with the elite anonymity of  mobile proxies and the exclusiveness of dedicated proxies. As such, users of such proxy servers are free from the security consequences of sharing an IP address, and do not compromise their anonymity.
  • Price. As expected, increased exclusivity makes dedicated mobile proxies more expensive than shared mobile proxies. Similarly, these proxies are also more expensive than dedicated datacenter proxies and dedicated residential proxies.
  • Speed. Mobile proxies experience the same inconsistent network performance associated with residential and ISP proxies. This is because they depend on the performance of the mobile carrier or cellular network in an area. However, dedicated mobile proxies solve this because you can select a specific exclusive mobile IP address for use as long as you want. As such, the performance of a quality dedicated mobile proxy server will then depend mainly on its nearness to the origin and destination servers. That said, it is still likely to be slower than a dedicated datacenter proxy.
  • Use Cases. The dedicated mobile proxies might not be very suitable for console gaming, depending on the quality of the cellular network in the selected location. However, they are useful in mimicking mobile IP addresses for mobile gaming. Similarly, you can employ them to join and interact in gaming forums in different locations and regions. 

HTTP and HTTPS Proxies

HTTP proxies are the most popular type of web proxies when classifying according to protocol. They operate at the application layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model. They provide all of the popular benefits of proxies on a user’s traffic, including caching, masking IP addresses, and bypassing geo-restrictions. 

Security. Despite their proxy functionality, HTTP proxies are basic and lack security. On the flip side, HTTPS proxies are an upgrade in this regard, providing encryption in addition to their proxy functions.

Price. As a result of the added encryption, HTTPS proxies are costlier than HTTP proxies. That said, both are affordable but their specific prices will depend on other factors like allowable bandwidth, or number of IPs purchased. 

Speed. The proximity of the proxy location to the origin and destination servers is the biggest factor in the speed of HTTP proxies. However, HTTPS proxies are generally slower than their HTTP counterparts due to the encryption and decryption protocols on both sides of the transmission.

Use cases. HTTP proxies are suitable for bypassing geo-restrictions and censorship, and for streaming.  while a HTTPS proxy is more effective in handling traffic of a more sensitive nature, such as when making purchases over your gaming console.

SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 Proxies

SOCKS (Socket Secure) proxy servers operate at the transport layer of the OSI model. As such while they can alter user traffic, they do so without modifying or inspecting the application layer protocol. The consequence of this is they are more versatile and capable of dealing with protocols beyond HTTP. The two most common forms of the SOCKS proxies are the SOCKS5 and SOCKS 4 proxies. Here is how they differ from one another:

  • SOCKS4 proxies support TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) traffic, but not UDP. Thus, the SOCKS5 proxies are more suitable for gaming because their UDP functionality lends them to lightweight transmissions where real-time communication and speed are more important than protocol reliability.
  • SOCKS4 proxies do not have authentication support, while SOCKS5 supports authentications. This makes the latter more secure and suitable for controlling access.
  • SOCKS5 provides additional features over SOCKS4, like DNS resolution, IPv6 functionality support, and proxy chaining. These additional features improve its performance compared to SOCKS4.
  • In usage, SOCKS4 is ideal for general browsing, but SOCKS5 proxies are the more suitable option for online gaming and streaming. 


The right proxy server can improve your console gaming experience on PS4 and PS5. We have done our best to bring you the most important knowledge on proxy servers for a PlayStation. Now, use it.


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