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Most of the Internet currently runs on IPv4. IPv6 is the next-generation protocol for the Internet. Because the Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses, the web is transitioning into IPv6. IPV6 proxies are suitable for various tasks like Automation of your Social Media channels or perhaps access to various restricted sites.

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What is IPv6?

The internet is running mainly on IPv4 protocol, yet we always must remember that its days are limited, since there is not enough IPs anymore for the rest of us to use. Which is why, the web transition into IPv6 protocol is simply inevitable. Taking that into account, IPv6 can be considered as a next-generation protocol on which sooner than later we will have to build the new standards and principles of the modern Internet. As a clarification, we need to understand that IPv6 is a completely different type of addressing architecture. This is one of the main reasons why you should start your work with the search engine in order to face a little less of 502 Bad Gateway errors, which often occur if IPv6 proxy is utilised improperly. Make sure to use Google or Yandex to access the rest of the websites instead of using the direct link.

What is IPv6

The IPv6 advantages

They are obvious. The most advanced benefit of IPv6 proxies, remains the price. Datacenter proxies are simply cheaper than alternative solutions like mobile or residential proxies. In skillful hands, this type of proxies become the sharpest tool to dominate any objective assigned for the day. While delivering an edge in browsing they also tend to stay static and allow you to accumulate data in a rapid and effective way.

Lightning speed for super tasks

Proxy-Cheap data center proxies deliver an opportunity to solve your problems in a turbo mode. Even the most demanding tasks you can crack without any hassle. No limitations and totally no restrictions provide you with an ability to scale your strategies and finish projects faster than ever before.

Quick - advantageous setup

We dedicate ourselves to provide the best IPv6 proxies available on the market. Selected from the top locations totally limitless, our datacenter proxies are acing the scores on every possible target. In addition to that, our dedicated team delivers the most convenient support before, during and after purchase. Unleashing the potential and experiencing the benefits of the IPv6 era.





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Buy Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Cheap delivers state level targeted proxies for an extremely affordable price. Directly from providers like Verizon Wireless, AT&T. Mobile proxies are known to act similar to residential proxies, thankfully to mobile networks they tend to deliver higher levels of privacy and anonymity. By using mobile proxies you increase your success rates and establish a reliable connection for most social media automation tasks as well as ad verification, e-commercing, and many more. Our mobile proxies support HTTPS/Socks5 protocols, IP authentication as well as deliver an option to work in any of 52 states of US or France.

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Proxy-Cheap self-service Dashboard

Inspect proxy usage, easily manage all of your proxies, generate new IPs and much more directly in our dashboard. The convenience of account management has never been more accessible and user-friendly. Proxy-Cheap dashboard is made with great care for your daily needs, it's especially pleasant during the busy days full of hustle.

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Mobile proxies Insights

To put it simply together, a mobile IP address is an address that is given to the LTE device by the mobile cellular provider whenever it gets connected to the network. The main difference between mobile proxy and the common data center proxy is based on the quality and trust level of the IP address itself. A mobile network delivers us an opportunity to have a dynamic proxy which supports thousands of IPs and therefore will change after a certain period of time, boosting our privacy and security. Mobile proxies collect less data and are strictly more anonymous, as well as more trustworthy than any other type of proxies available.

Instant setup and easy management

Proxy-Cheap believes in simplicity, that is the main reason we created a dashboard that is approachable and comfortable even for the beginning users. You can easily manage all of your proxies, generate new sessions and make your choices whether those are sticky or rotating IPs. Together with us you will be able to achieve the greatest results for your daily tasks, smooth installation and untroubled maintenance

Guaranteed Uptime

Reliability and stable service uptime is probably our number one priority after being the most affordable provider on the market.Our developers have made sure that you will never have to worry about failing proxies never again. By choosing Proxy-Cheap you choose for stability, reliable service and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime in general, no surprises only a long term benefit by selecting us, as your favorite operator.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it’s practically another computer running 24/7 to which you can connect and do things as you would do on your home computer. You can connect to it from anywhere in the world and it continues to run and do it’s job even when you are not connected that is why it is a great idea to have one to run your tools on.


price per month
Windows Server 2012 R2
20GB SSD Storage
1 Core vCPU
Unmetered Data Transfer
1 Dedicated IP
До 1000 Мбит/с


price per month
Windows Server 2012 R2
40GB SSD Storage
2 Core vCPU
Unmetered Data Transfer
1 Dedicated IP
До 1000 Мбит/с


price per month
Windows Server 2012 R2
80GB SSD Storage
3 Core vCPU
Unmetered Data Transfer
1 Dedicated IP
До 1000 Мбит/с