Proxy kinds & How to Choose.

How to choose a suitable Proxy that will serve as an ideal solution? Silently whispering - "Question of the year."

Today we will distinguish and elaborate on various types of proxies, their applications, usability cases, concrete benefits & flaws as well as, have a look at the biases1 that are surrounding them.

What is a Proxy? 

It is a common knowledge that every device on the internet is assigned a unique numerical IP address, therefore every time your device wants to exchange data with another device, it gets scanned. 

A Proxy in this case serves as an intermediary between you and a web server, which is commonly used to hide your location and mask your IP address. 

If you are an aspiring digital nomad, researcher, e-commerce owner, starting up social media marketer or already experienced growth hacker, at given point in time you will come across the proxy topic, therefore it is in our best interest to assist you with unbiased guidance and deliver only the most reliable information. All of us are trying to accomplish one particular goal: Make our lives easier and succeed at what we are doing the best.

Perhaps you already tried to manage multiple accounts with tools like, Jarvee, Nextpost, MP5, Alfred, Followplanner, hereby you definitely know that proxies remain to be one of the most important components on your journey towards the successful establishment of automation. 

On the other hand, if you are using low-quality proxies, the most common issues like action blocks (follow/like/unfollow blocks) will never seem to go away, in addition it will add up towards the dramatic consequences, lower the trust score2 of your account, up until the moment it will get compromised, or perhaps even fully disabled. It is extremely frustrating when you are trying to achieve the best possible results, yet time after time the always-upgrading algorithm of Instagram is cracking down on you.

Boost your chances! 

In order to be able to successfully upgrade your automation game and maintain yourself afloat, it is of great importance to understand that first of all, you must act human. Whether you are using automation or not. Notice, every single time Instagram or any kind of other social network will detect automated, inhuman like activity which does not correspond to the behaviour  of an average user, it will immediately limit your actions. Acting human, means considering the proper use of the social media instrument, therefore you must consider the following factors:

1) Sleeping (Using intervals of time without actions)
2) Working (Pausing actions or not performing too many)
3) Building up the usage of Social Media (Warming up the account, you cannot become addicted to Instagram in 1 day)
4) Posting (Creating content, preferably top level content)
5) Engaging with your audience (Commenting, liking and responding to the DM's)

Current suggested limitation of performed actions on a daily basis remains:

1) Conservative settings: up to 50 actions per day
2) Moderate-aggressive: up to 100-130 actions per day
3) Heavy-aggressive: up to 200 actions per day

Current suggested account and proxy warming up period remains: 2-4 calendar weeks.

Consideration of what kind of profile you are growing, some of examples:

1) Typical User
2) Instagram Brand
3) Business on Instagram
4) Influencer
5) Fanpage

Use the power of empathy and analyse the behaviour of a typical Instagram user. Remember that accounts that were practically inactive before the automation, need to be warmed up over the period of 2 to 4 weeks. Along the way you must warm up your proxies.
In case you are managing clients accounts, make sure to establish a proper communication with them and only perform actions while their accounts are not in use. Pinging the same account from 2 or sometimes 3 different locations may be risky.

1 Bias: is disproportionate weight in favour of or against an idea or thing, usually in a way that is closed-minded, prejudicial, or unfair. Biases can be innate or learned.
2 Trust score: Is a score that is assigned to your account on the rank of 100. Every time your account gets flagged or is breaching the algorithm, it will automatically burn the trust score. The lower the trust score, the more actions blocks or issues will occur. Trust score is a Instagram rating term used to simplify the explanation, to be able to understand why certain things happen and how to prevent them. 

Available choices - What fits your mission? 

Data-Centre Proxy, a regular choice for the basic needs

This particular type of Proxy is commonly used by users that are just starting to warm up their accounts, or actively engage in building slave accounts for their Mother&Slave strategy or any kind of Fanpage. Assuming that you are looking for a long term solution, this may not be ideal solution. This type of proxy has certain flows, one of them is having a Static IP, which means that at the very moment you account will be flagged with this IP, it will lose its capacity and perform worse, sadly data-centre proxies also require quite nearly daily authentication, which can be extremely frustrating for you or your clients.

It does not mean that this type of proxies hardly works or has issues, yet in our particular case they are not as usable to be considered as long term solution. Data-centre proxy performs great if it was used since the very beginning and was never changed, or interconnected with other proxies. The less flags given to your account the better performance. 

Example of a Data-Centre Proxy would be:

IPV6: 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334

IPV6 Proxies are mostly mapped on the subnets of IPV4 Proxy. That's why they have a port attached.


1) Cheap
2) Wildly available by different providers
3) Supported in various locations (data-centres)
4) Ideal for Data-Scraping
5) High efficiency bandwidth 
6) Unlimited data


1) Recurring Authentication 
2) Easily suspendible 
3) Not rotating (Static IP)
4) Flagged Subnets
5) Action blocks often present
6) Detectable by latest algorithm 
7) IP whitelisting required

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Residential Proxy, a better choice for the more sophisticated needs.

This particular type of proxy is commonly used by user that have a little bit more experience in the sophisticated Social Media Marketing and so on. Since Residential proxies are the connection at someones office, apartment or a house, they deliver us the credibility of a real domestic user. Meaning that all of our automation tasks and any kind of activities are performed from a legit place, and not some random server side which could be easily manipulated or faked. Residential proxies are ideal as a long term solutions for people that are seeking consistency and stability. They provide us with most of the needed elements like IP rotation, super speedy bandwidth for the approachable price.

Rotating IP is exactly what we need when it comes to automation, secured with additional factors and correct settings it allows us to forget about most of our worries. Yet factors like authentication may still remain a bit troublesome, quite frequently we have noticed that even though everything might we working top notch, still Instagram would demand to authenticate yourself every time a new IP would come into action.

Example of a Residential Proxy would be:

Username: proxy-cheap1
Password: proxyside
Connection IP or Connection HTTP: or

Mostly the username and password is assigned to protect your proxy and grant you a specific authentication option. It is commonly used also to remove the usage of authentication IP provided from your VPS / Main network.


1) Relatively Cheap
2) Available in various locations
3) Dynamic IP rotation
4) Great for automation and mundane daily tasks
5) High traffic with high bandwidth.
6) Perfect for scraping
7) Unlimited data
8) IP whitelisting is not required


1) Rotation occurs on a fixed base, 2-10 hours randomly
2) Detectable by newest algorithm
3) May be pricy or low quality, trustworthy providers needed
4) Not suitable for multiple accounts
5) Sometimes installed-certificate may be required

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Mobile Proxy, a professional choice for the most complicated needs.

This particular type of proxy is used mostly by the users who know their game or seek the most advantageous solution for the long term activities. Mobile proxy is the easiest to use, yet a lot of times it will come with data restrictions, meaning that it's not optimal for high bandwidth tasks. The beauty of this proxy remains in its ability to be connected to a cell-tower which basically protects you from everything around the network, in other words it will assign exactly the same IP to couple of devices and this way it actually protects you from all the algorithmic nuances that Instagram may try to impose on you.
So far we have noticed that once Instagram detects that if you are using a mobile proxy, it practically gives up the fight with your account, why? Because rotation and mobile devices are pain to track, since your IP may rotate as frequently as every 5 minutes, and can be assigned to another 200 people using the same cell tower, not worth the risk to suspend, or block that one IP, since it will have consequences for the other users, which of course reduces the quality of service provided. Considering all the following factors, in addition mobile devices are not required to be authenticated or continuously whitelisted. Beware, because of the cell-towers that deliver quite a few IP's simultaneously, we are able to use more than 1 account on the same proxy.

After recent Instagram updates this type of Proxy performs the best and receives a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our clients. Sincerely once it's aligned with correct settings and proper management and of course a considerate warm up period. It retains its capacity to deliver the most promising results and continuously grant the freedom of action to most of our clients. 

Example of a Mobile Proxy would be:

Username: proxy-mobile1
Password: proxymob
Connection IP+Port:


1) Multiple accounts
2) Available in various locations
3) Dynamic IP rotation
4) Perfect for automation and mundane daily tasks
5) High traffic with high bandwidth.
6) Perfect for Social Media (privacy)
7) IP whitelisting is not required


1) Limited Data
2) Can be shared with other users
3) Not too many trustworthy providers
4) Expensive

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Combined Proxy, an expert choice for the tailored solutions.

There are people nowadays that are able to combine various types of proxies, professionally aligned to the every day needs. We call them Expert Growth Hackers. These individuals know exactly what to do, how to do and when to use a specific type of Proxy. An example would be: For data scraping, and information collecting + an in-depth  research they would use a combination between residential and data-centre proxies, meanwhile preparing they mobile proxies and warming them up on their accounts. In most cases they would then reuse the data-centre and residential proxies to prepare the starting accounts, which they will grow afterwards, or even use specific software to create multiple accounts. E.G.H. will always know what is going around, and will never blame a proxy, rather dig into the roots of performed actions to reverse engineer and find the source of the issue. Even though mobile proxies will save you a tremendous amount of headache, it is still important to consider each and every variable of the automation game.

At Proxy-Cheap we want all of our users to be able to level up their game up until the level of E.G.H. as well as be able to deliver the best results to their own accounts among the accounts of their clients. 

We highly recommend each and every user to approach every new beginning with a tremendous amount of patience, care and cautiousness, this way you will not only eliminate the unneeded risks, but also will be able to take a step back once mistake is made without harming your main activity or progress. 
Proxy-Cheap team will always keep delivering and assisting you on every path of development and growth. 

Sincerely, on your path to success. 

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