Action blocks and Safe settings for automation in June 2019

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What will you learn from this post?
  • What happened after the last update?
  • Safe automation settings to operate with.
  • Research on the current state of affairs.
  • Effective ways to remove action blocks.
  • Precaution measures to ensure your account safety. 

Latest Instagram Update, 4th of June 2019.

Social Media Automation experts already have noticed, that the latest Instagram algorithm arrived with a thunderstorm of action blocks. This is considered to be another attempt of the Instagram development team to restrict various types of automation, find patterns in bots and block all of them from the platform so that the good old Instagram returns back into the shining light. Frankly, some of the users seem to get tired of continuous bombing with creative welcome-lines and follows. Nevertheless, what Instagram is willing to achieve, we firmly believe that Automation is there to stay. 

This is why, at Proxy-Cheap we immediately took action to find the safest settings possible, in order to minimize the damage that could have been done to you or to your clients.

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Most of our users are using Proxies to guarantee continuous, uninterrupted services to their Social Media Marketing clients, which means that it is in our best interest to work as a big, targeted community. Therefore it is important to share and deliver the most credible information based on research and multiple tests. 

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What are the safe settings to Use?

During the testing period of the previous week, in addition to the enormous research we came to a conclusion:

  • It is frequent that Accounts with very aggressive settings are action blocked/banned faster than the ones that are simulating human behavior. Aggressive means over 6000 Followers / Month.
  • From which we can immediately suggest to reduce your Following behavior up to 200 / Daily or just Below 6000 monthly. As a matter of fact, this is what we consider "Safe" at the very moment of this post. Seems that Instagram is putting a limit on this particular set of actions to prevent the abuse and automation of any kind.

    We strongly suggest starting from very low settings and building gradually up, instead of jumping to 200/daily follows per day. Read "How to warm up your account".

  • It is noticeable that the accounts which tend to perform Follow/Unfollow actions on the same day have a way higher chance to receive an action block.

  • Remember that previous 30 days count. It is always a cycle of Today + 29 previous days. Instead of renewing cycle with the 1st day of the Month.
Effective ways to remove action blocks?

We have noticed that the following 3 ways have proven themselves to be effective in order to remove the action block from your account. Let's dig deeper.

  1. Some of the Instagrams action blocks may be removed by resetting/changing Device ID. If you log in with a new device, as a matter of fact it can shift your action block and here you are - fully fresh and ready to strike again.

  2. Change your Proxies, VPN. Old IP may have been flagged or restricted. 
  3. Report a problem to the Instagram platform, by writing the following statement in the field of:
    Settings > Help > Something is Wrong or Not Working.
    Write the following statement: I think it has been interdicting of follow up by mistake please help and respond as quickly. This method seems to work quite effectively.
  4. Directly Linking your Instagram account to Facebook account. Boosts your credibility on the platform.
    My account > Linked Accounts > Facebook (Proceed automatically).
  5. Turn off the accounts for 48 hours, remove all the actions.

Change your VPN, Delete Third-party applications and monitor the results in the upcoming 24 to 72 hours. Since Instagram is now performing major updates, remain active to notice when changes occur so that you can immediately take action and adapt all of your accounts at once. It is important to remain patient. 

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Safe automation & Smooth sailing through the waters of algorithms. team 

All of our settings have been tested, yet it does not mean that they will immediately deliver the wanted result. In most of the cases it takes a little while for the changes to appear and action blocks to be removed, therefore we ask everyone to remain patient and avoid making mistakes, which could harm your account even more.

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