How to setup SwitchyOmega in Chrome or Firefox

Download and install SwitchyOmega extension:

  • For Chrome

  • For Firefox

    Configure SwitchyOmega extension on Chrome or Firefox:

    1. Click on SwitchyOmega icon in your top right browser and open Options.

    How to setup OmegaSwitchy with proxy - step 1

    2. Click on New profile in PROFILES tab.

    How to setup OmegaSwitchy with proxy - step 2

    3. In the pop-up window, under Profile name write down the name you prefer. Select Proxy Profile option and hit Create.

    How to setup proxy with OmegaSwitchy - step 3

    4. In the generated table, select HTTP under Protocol column.

    How to setup SwitchyOmega with proxy - step 4

    5. Type in your preferred endpoint details in Server and Port. If you are using a Whitelisted IP feature (4G Mobile proxies), skip to Step 7 of this tutorial. If not, click on the lock icon.

    How to setup SwitchyOmega proxy - step 5

    6. In the pop-up field type in your Username and Password and press Save changes button.

    How to setup SwitchyOmega with proxies - step 6

    7. To apply settings and create a profile for your proxy, click Apply changes under Actions.

    How to setup SwitchyOmega with Residential proxies - step 7
    8. Your created profile should now appear in the proxy list as you access SwitchyOmega through the extension icon.

    How to setup proxy SwitchyOmega - step 8

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