3 Minutes to inform yourself about the latest War on Automation. Solutions & What's next?

Dear Customers, Fellow Social Media Marketeers, Digital Nomads and automation Enthusiasts! 

Proxy-Cheap Team is coming out with an important notice.

Our team was in touch with the technical team from Jarvee, MP and other automation tool providers.

So what have we figured out?

No one has given up, everyone is fighting this war, upgrading features & applying the new updates on the micro-molecular level.

The upcoming solutions that are going to be implemented within the period of 2-3 weeks by software providers.

1 implemented solution = Monitoring devices and its operations such as foregrounded/backgrounded windows, mouse movements 
and other factors that distinguish human actions from bots. The ultimate set of solution is being added as we speak to make it all look perfectly natural. 

2 implemented solution = API level optimisation in order to reduce the possibility of an action block or troublesome verifications. Additional API calls, 
while solving the checking process, where IG can flag you and therefore limit or compromise the account. All of the automation tool providers are promising 
that they will not give up before the results are achieved. We believe them, and will sincerely support them doing what is possible to solve this matter 
as soon as possible. Everyone understands the amount of pressure that we all experience while trying to retain our businesses and success that so far was taken for granted. 

Proxy-Cheap Team sends you our full support, among the tremendous amount of persistence and courage to continue without any doubt and do what you do best - help your clients!Alright, but what about the current state of Proxies? As you know, Proxy is a variable, that is fundamental to consider. 

Factors to consider

Firstly, at this particular moment, like never before you must consider to warm up your accounts properly. 
If you fail to warm up your accounts, and recklessly perform actions - it is obvious what kind of result you will achieve = action blocks and compromised accounts. 
How to warmup your account? Read more.

Secondly, if you are switching between proxy providers, devices, IPs and automation softwares = you are directly flagging your account. 
Remember that in order to succeed in the game of automation, you must appear as HUMAN as possible.

Proxy-Cheap team is working on the tutorial with an in-depth explanation about various types of Proxies which very soon will be published. 

Sincerely yours,

Proxy-Cheap Team

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